The Problem to audit in the store

In today's competitive market CPG analytics must be be at the center of your business strategy. Your business decisions must be based on a data-driven approach identifying insights and trends.
Your company must leverages analytics to create a cycle of continuous improvement in the field, constantly evolve and adapt.
CPG analytics help brands take the data they are collecting and turn it into useful information by analyzing it and spotting trends. Data are the different points on a graph. Analytics are the insights you get from studying collected data.

The presence of the products in exhibitors and their location normally responds to a sales maximization strategy.
Until now, verifying that the agreed products are in the correct quantity and position was a laborious, slow and expensive process that is not performed correctly or is not performed frequently.

With CPG analytics insights, you can create an information cycle of continuous improvement that will help grow your products and brand. This cycle empowers you to take the insights that you discover and use them in a planning stage to then take data-driven actions in the field.

CPG analytics can be used as a predictive tool for brands to prevent out-of-stock in time.

The Solution: CPG Analytics

Pervasive Technologies has developed an artificial intelligence solution - CPG Analytics Solution - based on image processing, to automate the traditional manual audit system.
By automating this task, you can take advantage of the latest AI image recognition technology to ensure that the inventory and product placement on the shelves adheres to the marketing strategy, eliminating the lack of productivity and efficiency in the control and monitoring by sales managers.
Additionally, the solution, provides the possibility of analyzing competing products.


Ideal For

  • Distributors
  • Supermarkets
  • Manufacturers
  • CPG Audit personnel

CPG Analytics Solution

AI solutions to improve your operations

Adding intelligence to your available videos & images






How does it work?

1. Use your available cameras

2. Feed them into Heureka

3. Get instant results

Pick pictures and videos of your operations, with moving workers, vehicles and goods

Pervasive patented AI technology is already trained and optimized for key use cases.

You can obtain actionable insights, online reports and API enabled classification to enhance your company processes.


Advanced Features


Works with any smathphone or tablet


Easy integration solution

IT friendly

CRM & API Integration

Runs in Cloud or Edge

Remote Support and Monitoring

Realtime Dashboard

Reporting Module

Event and Alert Management




Everything you need to start with CPG Analytics Solutions

The power of data and disruptive technology to change your business and achieve your goals





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ppt cpg analytics use case

CPG Analytics Solution benefits

  • Avoid out-of-stocks
  • Accelerate replenishment
  • Keep partners and customers happy
  • Improve your product location in shelves
  • Track KPIs and get closer to your goals
  • Improve your brand's presence



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