The importance of security in hazardous environments

When we talk about sectors such as construction or industry we all know that workers often perform their work in complex and even dangerous environments, which leads to occupational accidents caused by the risks of the work area.
The safety of employees in work areas has always been of vital importance for companies, and that leads to the fact that all companies working in these sectors (industry, manufacturing, construction, etc.) need, also for due compliance with the law, a policy and a plan for the prevention of occupational hazards. One of the main assets for prevention is the proper use of personal protective equipment.

Common sense and the law aim to maximize and control prevention thoroughly and constantly. Manually checking the correct use of PPE usually requires the dedication of personnel, which not only implies a cost, but also opens the door to human error. It is a complicated task and there are many reasons why an accident may occur or the law may not be complied with.

Workplace Safety - PPE Detection

At Pervasive Technologies we have developed an Artificial Intelligence solution, Workplace Safety - PPE Detection, based on image and video processing in real time, to replace the traditional manual control system with an automated system.
The system recognizes the PPE worn by workers, benefiting employees by improving their safety in work areas and companies by increasing productivity and regulatory compliance, saving time and money.


Ideal For:

  • Correct PPE compliance
  • Access systems
  • PPE self-checkings
  • Control of marked areas
  • Zones and capacity control
  • Measure distance between workers

Access systems

Correct PPE compliance

Zone and capacity control

Prevention strategy with AI - Workplace Safety

AI technology to optimize business and operations

Adding intelligence to your videos & images






How does it work?

1. We capture with your available cameras

2. We process with our AI technology

3. Monitoring via cloud or edge

Select images and videos of your operations with the items you want to classify.

Pervasive's AI technology is trained and optimized for key use cases.

Get actionable information, reports and ratings to improve operations in real-time.


Advanced Features


Works with any camera


API Integration

IT friendly

VMS Integration

Runs in Cloud or Edge

Remote Support and Monitoring

Realtime Dashboard

Reporting Module

Event and Alert Management




Everything you need to transform your company

Workplace Safety

The power of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to improve business and achieve objectives.





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Workplace Safety Benefits

  • Automated and remote compliance auditing
  • Reduction in Audit time
  • Audit compliance according to regulations
  • Realtime Alerts and Alarms
  • Automated access validation
  • Historical compliance record


What can AI technology do for your company?

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