Pervasive Technologies is an innovative company specialized in the construction of predictive solutions through the use of advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning technologies for different sectors.

The main area of ​​activity is in the application of these technologies for the intelligent treatment of images and video.

Our solutions are consumed as a continuous service in the Cloud or Edge environment, through API and under subscription. We offer our advanced artificial intelligence solutions for retail and industrial environments.

Technology Leadership

As a long-standing pioneer in AI Technologies, Pervasive Technologies demonstrates strong thought leadership in Vision Solutions. We develop AI Based Solutions toClassify, Locate and Detect, Enhancing Safety and Efficiency in Retail and Industry with AI Powered Automation

Extensive Portfolio

Pervasive Technologies is dedicated to continued development of its extensive, highly cost-effective product lines and leveraging edge computing, IoT, AI, and machine learning technologies to enable a wide range of data-to-decision, end-to-end, mission-critical solutions that address increasingly challenging and complex deployments.

Strategic Partnerships

As a Google Cloud partner and NVIDIA Partner , Pervasive Technologies leverages unrivalled access to advanced processing technologies, driving innovative, open standards-based heterogeneous computing solutions for next-generation applications.

Quality and Integrity

With world-class facilities, established quality management systems, and supply chain management Pervasive Technologies ensures
uncompromised high grade quality, and equally importantly, fully controls product integrity and security, and is thus immune to any outside tampering.

Supply Longevity

Pervasive Technologies ensures best practices in product obsolescence and lifecycle management. We leverage strategic partnerships with key component and software vendors, delivering supply longevity to support traditionally long lifecycle defense programs.

Business Flexibility

With a flexible and agile organization, Pervasive Technologies can effectively and efficiently address rebranding, customization, and joint development smoothly and promptly. Pervasive Technologies makes ease of doing business one of our top priorities and is focused on helping customers speed time-to- market for long-term mutual success.

Outstanding Support

As a global enterprise with a strategic footprint in design, manufacturing, and service worldwide, Pervasive Technologies leverages customer proximity to effectively deliver products to regional market specifications and requirements. This high-touch business model, which hinges on local technical and business services, is key to our solutions.


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