How does it work?

1. Use your cameras or your cell phone/tablet

2. We detect and classify what you need

3. Get instant results

Select images and videos of your operations with the items you want to classify.

Pervasive's AI technology is trained and optimized for key use cases.

Get actionable information, reports and ratings to improve operations and solve issues.

Pervasive Heureka Industry AI Vision solution monitors continuously selected areas of interest combining advanced analytics and deep learning to classify and detects objects of interest.

Industry AI Strategy

AI technology to optimize business and operations

Adding intelligence to your available videos & images






Ready to use Solutions

PPE Audit

Audit Compliance
Industrial Access Control
Worker's auto checking
Automated access systems


Material Sorting
Object Classification
Pass/No Pass systems

Behavior Analysis

Driver Analysis
Work Occupancy
Wandering Analysis
Accident Detection
Risk Prevention
Forbidden Areas Control

Vehicle Traffic Analysis

Vehicle Detection
Vehicle Counting
Traffic Analysis

Document ICR

Invoices Analysis
ID Document extraction
Handwritten ICR

Extreme ICR

Container Identification
Label Reading



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