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Our focus are Retail and Industrial use cases.

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Why Pervasive AI Vision for Operational Intelligence?


1. Use your available cameras

2. Feed them into Heureka

3. Get instant results

Pick pictures and videos of your operations, with moving workers, vehicles and goods

Pervasive patented AI technology is already trained and optimized for key use cases.

You can obtain actionable insights, online reports and API enabled classification to enhance your company processes.

Our Solutions

for your AI Vision Operational Intelligence

Self Service

Connect to the Cloud or setup our device, connect your cameras and start getting realtime insights

Plug & Play

Our products only require to be connected to the cameras and you can access the results with the realtime dashboard

Any Camera

Any IP Camera can be transformed in a source of AI Vision operational Intelligence


Get the most out of your images




Everything you need to start

The power of data and disruptive technology to change your business and achieve your goals





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Identify your challenges and set goals

Test your images and Video in our online platform.

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AI at the Edge

The Internet of Things (IoT) is progressing from simple devices feeding data to the cloud for analysis to smart devices performing sophisticated inferencing and pattern-matching themselves. Processing AI algorithms locally on a smart device in the field provides many benefits

Faster response

Minimize delay by eliminating the need to send data to the cloud for AI processing

Enhanced security

Decrease the risk of data tampering by sending less data across networks

Improved mobility

Reduce reliance on inconsistent wireless networks (i.e., dead zones, service outages) by performing AI functions locally on the local system

Lower communications cost

Spend less on network services by transmitting less data

Heureka AI Vision

Industrial and Retail AI solutions to improve your operations

Adding intelligence to your available videos & images








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