Individual PPE's Detection

Our Mask detection solution is locally installed for mask and glasses identification in individual people facing a camera which processes the image with Artificial Intelligence Technology.
It is designed to be easily integrated into access control systems via digital output.

Protect your people and community

Mask Detection: Facial PPE's Identification

Adding intelligence to your investment in safety

Heureka Covid Mask with screen


Product characteristics:

The solution consists of a processing device and a camera that work with realtime images to automate the access control process for mask detection.



· Easily installable, it only requires a power supply.

· Detection distance within 1 meter or less from the camera’s capture point.

· Accuracy > 99%.

· Digital output for integration into the access control and/or visitor management systems.

· Possibility of integrating an audible or light signal in case of alarm.

· Ability to send notices and alarms by SMS or email, network connection required.




Use Cases:

· CCTV Camera.

· Airports.

· Optional display screen.

· Hospitals.

· Digital outputs connector.

· Offices Entrances.

· Luminous pilots.

· Restaurants.

· Power 110/220 V.

· Public transport.

The system detects:

· Factories.

· Mask.

· Supermarkets.

· Glasses.


· Retail store.


Outputs for connection to light alarm, siren, or access control system:

Digital output activation when an individual is not wearing a mask or safety glasses (configurable).


Outputs for data integration:

Sending data, alerts and warnings to remote systems through API call.

COVID-19 Symptoms Pervasive Technologies

How does it work?

How It Works COVID Detection Pervasive Technologies

1. Set up the cameras

2. Feed them into Heureka

3. Get results

Place the cameras in the area of analysis.

Pervasive patented AI technology is already trained and optimized for key use cases.

You can obtain actionable insights, online reports and API enabled classification to enhance safety.



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