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Albert Climent i Bigas, CTO of Pervasive Technologies, joins ACCIÓ as an advisor to promote innovation and Artificial Intelligence projects in SMEs. - Albert Climent i Bigas, CTO of Pervasive Technologies, a company specialized in intelligent image processing solutions through Artificial Intelligence, is the new advisor of ACCIÓ, an agency created to improve the competitiveness of Catalan companies and specialized in promoting innovation and internationalization with different programs and actions that offer financing, support, consulting, training, etc. Attached […]
Pervasive Technologies selects ADLINK’s DLAP family for the acceleration of its solutions. - Pervasive Technologies, a leading Spanish company in image detection solutions using Artificial Intelligence, and ADLINK Technology, specialized in Edge Computing hardware, strengthen their technological alliance. The technology integrated in ADLINK’s DLAP (Deep Learning Accelerator Platform) enables the optimization of some of Pervasive Technologies’ solutions, such as Workplace Safety for people counting and safety management in […]
Pervasive Technologies joins NVIDIA partner program for deep learning solution development - With this partnership, the Spanish company boosts its intelligent video analysis products for PPE auditing, scrap classification and ICR. Pervasive Technologies, a Spanish company that creates Artificial Intelligence solutions, has announced its entry into the Metropolis program of NVDIA, a company specialized in GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) accelerated computing. Thanks to this partnership, Pervasive will […]
Pervasive Technologies collaborates in the new edition of the Executive Master in Advanced Analytics & Data Science of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) - Pervasive Technologies, a company specialized in predictive Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, joins the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) to offer the Executive Master in Advanced Analytics & Data Science. The position of Big Data Scientist is among the so-called ‘professions of the future’, which is why the company has once again decided to invest in […]
Pervasive Technologies alianza con Leyton Pervasive Technologies and Leyton facilitate the development of innovation and technology projects for Spanish companies - Technology, innovation and Artificial Intelligence projects have a prominent place in Spain’s strategy for distributing EU Next Generation funds. Pervasive Technologies, a Spanish company expert in solutions for intelligent image processing through Artificial Intelligence, announces its alliance with Leyton, an international consulting firm specialized in innovation financing, with the common goal of advising Spanish companies […]
Pervasive Technologies se une a UPTEK innovación digital Pervasive Technologies joins UPTEK to drive digital innovation in Spain - The company joins UPTEK to strengthening the technological sector development through collaboration, training and networking.
Jordi Gómez COO Pervasive Technologies Jordi Gómez Navarro, new Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Pervasive Technologies - Pervasive Technologies, company specialized in the development of Artificial Intelligence solutions, appoints Jordi Gómez Navarro as COO.
Pervasive Technologies at 4YFN-MWC Pervasive Technologies will participate in Mobile World Congress – 4YFN, branch focused on startups - Pervasive Technologies will participate at 4YFN-MWC, event that brings together startups for connections and growth within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
How AI can help your company long term How can AI strategies help your company in the long term? - The process of ideation, planning and deployment of AI projects and strategies can put your company ahead of the digital transformation.
Pervasive Technologies joins IoT Catalan Alliance Pervasive Technologies joins IoT Catalan Alliance to promote smart city deployment - The IoT Catalan Alliance aims to expand the concept of smart city to promote the digital transformation, boost economy and promote a smarter society.
Pervasive Technologies and Arrow partnership Pervasive Technologies and Arrow Electronics move towards total workplace security - The union between Arrow Electronics' devices and Pervasive Technologies' PPE detection solution makes it possible to manage up to 80 cameras in parallel.
Pervasive Technologies improve safety with AI How does Artificial Intelligence improve safety in industrial environments? - Prevent accidents and even save lives. These are the things that Artificial Intelligence can do for us when we incorporate it into industrial environments.
Pervasive Technologies Seleccionada Bind 4.0 Pervasive Technologies selected as Bind 4.0 participant for its AI solutions for industry - Pervasive Technologies is one of the 31 innovative companies selected in the 5th edition of Bind 4.0, an international acceleration program organized by the Basque Government to promote the best startups that offer technological solutions for Industry 4.0.
Pervasive Technologies - Geprom Image Pervasive Technologies forms alliance with Geprom to develop Artificial Intelligence and advanced analytics initiatives in Industry 4.0 - The combined work of Pervasive and Geprom will enable the development of solutions in the areas of production, logistics, maintenance and quality.
Pervasive Technologies Tracktio Partners para mejorar seguridad IA Pervasive Technologies and Tracktio merge their technologies for asset control - Both companies will combine their tracking and image recognition capabilities to improve security in industrial environments.
AI in the supermarket Pervasive Technologies Artificial intelligence in supermarkets: the road to a more human experience - The shopping experience is already benefiting from Artificial Intelligence in an advance that favors both the consumer and the brands and establishments.
Lucia Mackinlay Pervasive Technologies Product Manager Pervasive Technologies promotes Lucía Mackinlay to Product Manager - Lucía Mackinlay has been promoted to Product Manager with the main function of creating new technological AI products.
Pervasive Technologies finalista en BIND 4.0 Pervasive Technologies, selected finalist in Bind 4.0 startup acceleration program - Pervasive Technologies has been named finalist in Bind 4.0 with solutions for industrial and retail sectors: PPE detection, ICR or OCR and CPG Analytics.
Pervasive en BIND 4.0, Choose Paris Region y Comertia On the way to closing a year of expansion - This year Pervasive participated in meetings and technological platforms to present our AI solutions designed for industrial and retail sectors.
Pervasive Technologies Certificado Innovación Tecnológica Pervasive Technologies receives the Certificate of Technological Innovation - Pervasive Technologies has recived the Technological Innovation Certificate for its project 'Development of the Heureka AI platform'.
Albert Climent Pervasive Technologies CTO Albert Climent, new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Pervasive Technologies - Pervasive Technologies, a company specialized in the development of Artificial Intelligence solutions, appoints its partner, Albert Climent Bigas, as CTO.
Pervasive Technologies joins Kron Analytics - Pervasive Technologies announces its alliance with Kron Analytics, a intelligence platform that transforms data into useful information in real time.
Elisenda Martí Pervasive Technologies Project Manager Elisenda Martí Cucurella joins Pervasive Technologies as Project Manager - Pervasive Technologies grows with the incorporation of Elisenda Martí Cucurella as Project Manager. The Project Development department will have a professional of renowned prestige, who will be in charge of managing and coordinating the team.
Pervasive Technologies Master UIC Big Data Science Pervasive Technologies participates in the new edition of Executive Master in Big Data Science at UIC - Pervasive Technologies joins one more year the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) to offer the Executive Master in Big Data Science.
Pervasive Technologies Aleph Comunicación Pervasive Technologies entrusts its communication and PR to Aleph Comunicación - Pervasive Technologies, a company specialised in predictive Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, has chosen Aleph for the design and execution of its communication and media relations strategy.
Pervasive Technlogies at Embedded World 2020 with Adlink Technology Pervasive Technologies at Embedded World Exhibition 2020 - Pervasive Technologies will be present at Embedded World 2020 between the days 25 and 27 of February with our partner Adlink Technology exhibiting industrial AI Vision solutions.
Pervasive Technologies will attend SICUR 2020 Pervasive Technologies will attend SICUR, the International Security Exhibition - Pervasive Technologies will be present at SICUR 2020 together with our partner Kron Analytics exhibiting their security-related AI Vision solutions.
Pervasive Technologies at SmartCatalonia Challenge Pervasive Technologies participates at SmartCatalonia Challenge for “Port de Tarragona” - Pervasive Technologies has attended the special edition of the SmartCatalonia Challenge focused on the "Port of Tarragona" to offer its solutions to the four problems raised.
Pervasive Technologies at ADLINK partner meeting. Pervasive Technologies take part in ADLINK Partners Meeting - On January 15th and 16th the annual meeting of partners of the hardware manufacturer ADLINK took place, among which Pervasive Technologies is one of the most renowned peninsular partners. 
PPE automated detection to prevent risks at the workplace - Heureka PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) solution continuously monitors the marked areas (usually the entrances or exits of the enclosures) by combining advanced analytics and machine learning to ensure the correct use of the PPE indicated for the specific work environment.
El futuro del Sector Energético, con Pervasive Technologies, Google y ATOS “AI in Motion: Energy Sector”, event with Google Cloud and Atos - On October 9th, the event "AI in the motion: Energy Sector" will take place, an event organized jointly by Atos, Google Cloud and Pervasive Technologies.
NVIDIA y Pervasive Technologies, desarrollando soluciones con IA NVIDIA and the development of solutions with Artificial Intelligence and Big Data - Pervasive and NVIDIA are working closely as partners to develop the future of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.
Pervasive Technologies participa en NVIDIA GTC Europe This was Pervasive Technologies’ participation in NVIDIA GTC Europe - On October 9, 10, and 11, Pervasive Technologies had the opportunity to be present at NVIDIA Europe GTC 2018, the most important summit on Artificial Intelligence in Europe, held this year in Munich, Germany.
Pervasive Technologies llega a Madrid con oficina en la capital Pervasive Technologies opens a new office in Madrid - Pervasive Technologies opens an office in Madrid and, in this way, the company whose headquarters are in Barcelona already has a physical presence in the two cities with the largest market in Spain.
Pervasive Technologies exhibe su infografía Pervasive Technologies’ infographic will be exhibited at NVIDIA GTC Europe - Pervasive Technologies' poster on Deep Learning in Retail has been selected for display at the upcoming NVIDIA GTC Europe on October 9, 10, and 11 in Munich, Germany.
Heureka CPG Analytics solucion Pervasive Technologies Pervasive Technologies develops the analytical use of planograms in retail sector - The Spanish company of Artificial Intelligence Pervasive Technologies has applied Artificial Intelligence to perform a really useful image recognition in Planogram analysis. These work as a fundamental analytical tool to understand what happens in the shelf and make decisions that improve it and increase the purchase profitability.
Pervasive Technologies patrocina Software Crafters Pervasive Technologies, sponsor of the third edition of Software Crafters Barcelona - A new edition of Software Crafters will take place in Barcelona on September 29th and 30th. An event that gathers software development professionals in a learning and networking conference in which Pervasive Technologies collaborates with its sponsorship.
Pervasive Technologies participará en NVIDIA GTC Europe Pervasive Technologies will participate in the next edition of NVIDIA GTC Europe - The Artificial Intelligence company Pervasive Technologies has been the only Spanish company selected by NVIDIA to offer a conference on one of its main projects last year together with the company Boira Digital.
Pervasive Technologies parte de Máster en Big Data Science The UIC presents a new edition of its Master in Big Data Science - Pervasive Technologies bets for the formation in Executive Master in Big Data Science in the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya.
Nostrum y FastPay sistema que reconoce producto precio y cobra Nostrum – FastPay: recognizes product, price and payment - Proppos Fastpay is an automated self-checkout product to reduce the waiting times in canteens, cafeterias or restaurants.
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