Pervasive se une a Secartys

Pervasive Technologies joins SECARTYS to continue driving Artificial Intelligence across multiple environments

  • The company is committed to strengthening industry development through collaboration, training, innovation and networking.

Pervasive Technologies has joined SECARTYS, a non-profit business group that has been working since 1968 to promote the competitiveness of its members and to position Spanish industry abroad. Initially focused on technology and electronics, it has evolved into a complete ecosystem of clusters.

Through these clusters, Secartys seeks to help member companies increase their competitiveness and promote the development of the different sectors in which they work, representing 300 companies and knowledge agents in Spain.

Secartys aims to contribute to improving the competitiveness and visibility of its members, promoting their strategy and business models based on five strategic axes: internationalization, financing, R&D&I, training and communication.

Of specific interest to Pervasive is the SMARTECH CLUSTER, which integrates all the agents of the value chain in the field of smart technologies applied to homes, buildings, cities, industry and other sectors of activity.

Its objective is to generate a constant dialogue between the actors involved in an innovative and disruptive ecosystem where the company will be able to show, expand and improve its solutions for the intelligent processing of still images or video.

Through the use of Artificial Intelligence they provide automated solutions based on technologies such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning, which allow classifying, locating and detecting objects or subjects to improve security and efficiency in sectors such as industrial and retail, among many others, counting with multiple applications for these environments.

“Joining the Secartys ecosystem and SMARTECH CLUSTER is a new sign of our involvement in the expansion of AI-based solutions. It represents a great opportunity to increase the benefits of our detection and classification technologies; it will allow us to approach potential new customers and partners with our current products and solutions and to develop projects specially designed for other environments and industries”, explains Rodolfo Lomascolo, CEO and co-founder of Pervasive Technologies.

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