The Challenge for Businesses & Government

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global health and societal emergency that requires effective and accelerated actions by all governments, businesses and communities across the world. Government agencies and businesses have found it challenging to operate in a normal or optimum environment. Many individuals don't know that they are infected with COVID-19. Social-distancing is not strictly enforced and many people are unknowingly spreading the virus.

The Solution for Businesses & Government

Our Safety & Social-Distancing solution was developed to enable and enhance risk mitigation efforts. The goal is to help government agencies and businesses detect, alert, & report on human body temperature, social grouping & proximity, in addition to facial personal protection.

Ready to use Solutions

Access Control

Mask and PPE Identification
Body Temperature Detection
Integration into access control systems


Mask Detection
Integration in Access Control Systems
Worker's auto checking


Body Temperature measure
PPE Detection
Applicable to several people simultaneously
Integration into access control systems

Social Distancing

Physical Distancing Measure
PPE Detection
Applicable to several people simultaneously
Integration into access control systems

Protect your people and community

Safety & Social Distancing Solution

Adding intelligence to your investment in safety

COVID-19 Pervasive Technologies

Our solution provides ideal thermal equipment, software, cloud and artificial intelligence applications to conduct remote screenings of human temperature, proximity detection, and facial personal protection recognition for health & safety purposes. 

Our solution can integrate with enterprise applications to provide global enterprise health & safety visibility. The detection system is non-invasive to privacy, contact-less, and provides quick responses to enterprise stakeholders. Our suite of technology-enabled services are offered as a part of integrated technology platforms that can be easily deployed, operated, managed, and supported.

The solution can be implemented at:

  • Office buildings, Schools, Hospitals.
  • Warehouses, Manufacturing areas.
  • Airports, Railway stations, Entries and exits.
  • Shopping areas, food courts and restaurants.
  • Retail.

Key features:

  • Thermal imaging cameras can visualize and detect temperatures above normal settings.
  • Security personnel can leverage systems to detect if individuals are wearing masks.
  • Detection of people proximity, people detection in forbidden areas, and people counting in a predefined zone.
  • Global situation visibility, data analytics, integration with enterprise applications (such as ERP, HR, S&H).
  • Review results through a web browser and/or mobile application.
  • Alert messaging - email, SMS, integration with access control, and other enterprise system.
  • Digital outputs to connect alarm systems.

Expected Business Outcomes:

  • Reduce number of infections and transmissions.
  • Safe guard work-spaces and working environment.
  • Improve business operational efficiency & productivity.
  • Adherence to social-distancing & protection compliance.
  • Reduce queuing at public and private business entrances.
  • Better decision making through analytics and visualization.
  • Real-time global visibility for enterprises.
COVID-19 Symptoms Pervasive Technologies


Advanced Features


High Accuracy

  • Temperature +/-0.5 (with Blackbody).


  • Apply to small scenes such as entrances and exits.
  • Large scenes such as airports and railway stations with personnel.

Cost Reduction

  • Automatic early warning mechanism.
  • Saving manpower.
  • Reducing risk of infection.

High Efficiency

  • Non-contact temperature detection.
  • Screening quick, count of people.
  • Distance detection, mask detection.
  • Wide-coverage, multi-person detections.

Data Analytics

  • Realizing the historical data backtracking and the data analysis combined with the platform.


  • Information automatically collected.
  • Measurement across a distance of 2m+ to prevent infection.
  • Non-contact automatic temperature measurement and classification.



How does it work?

How It Works COVID Detection Pervasive Technologies

1. Setup the cameras

2. Feed them into Heureka

3. Get usage alerts

Place the cameras in the area of analysis.

Pervasive patented AI technology is already trained and optimized for key use cases.

You can obtain actionable insights, online reports and API enabled classification to enhance safety.

Pervasive Technologies COVID-19 Safety

AI Solution benefits

  • Remote Audit
  • Reduction in Audit time
  • Audit compliance according to regulations
  • Realtime Alerts and Events
  • Automated access validation
  • Historical compliance record



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