Massive document scanning to extract accurate information.


When it comes to document scanning, you need a software package that can balance the twin needs of speed and accuracy

Advances in software and hardware development have allowed OCR technology to improve in leaps and bounds, so that these days OCR software can usually offer not just a decent speed, but also essential degrees of accuracy. The latter is so important when actually trying to search through scanned documents, as poorly formatted scans means the whole process has to be repeated, with the inevitable labor wastage in relocating the documents to scan in the first place, presuming they haven;t already been recycled.

However, recent improvements to OCR technology means that's far less likely to be an issue, which means that the paperless office is now increasingly becoming a reality. The only thing holding back on that is likely the volume of documents yet to be scanned, but again with better scanning speeds and easier to use software, that elusive paperless office is becoming even more likely.

The Solution: Heureka OCR

Pervasive Technologies has developed an artificial intelligence solution - Heureka PPE - based on image processing, to replace the traditional manual control system by an automated system.
The system recognizes the PPE that they take the workers, benefits the employees improving their security in the zones of work and companies increasing productivity and regulatory compliance, saving both time and money.


Ideal For

  • Entrances
  • Self Checking access systems
  • Controlled Areas
  • Vehicles
  • Work areas

Heureka PPE

AI solutions to improve your operations

Adding intelligence to your available videos & images






How does it work?

1. Use your available cameras

2. Feed them into Heureka

3. Get PPE usage alerts

Pick pictures and videos of your operations, with moving workers, vehicles and goods

Pervasive patented AI technology is already trained and optimized for key use cases.

You can obtain actionable insights, online reports and API enabled classification to enhance your company processes.


Advanced Features


Works with any camera

Self Service solution

Plug & Play solution

IT friendly

VMS Integration

Runs in Cloud or Edge

Remote Support and Monitoring

Realtime Dashboard

Reporting Module

Event and Alert Management

API Integration





Everything you need to start with Heureka PPE

The power of data and disruptive technology to change your business and achieve your goals





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Heureka PPE Solution benefits

  • Remote Audit
  • Reduction in Audit time
  • Audit compliance according to regulations
  • Realtime Alerts and Events
  • Automated access validation
  • Historical compliance record



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