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Pervasive Technologies joins Kron Analytics

Companies will develop Artificial Intelligence solutions to optimize business processes in different sectors

Pervasive Technologies, a company specialized in the development of Artificial Intelligence solutions, announces its alliance with Kron Analytics, a business intelligence platform that transforms data into useful information in real time.

Kron Analytics was born from the need of companies to integrate different types of video surveillance algorithms, as well as any type of data. Currently, this tool, which integrates multiple technologies and information sources, is essential for those responsible of marketing, security, finance, operations or maintenance, as it provides critical data for decision making, improving efficiency and cost savings.

This BI (Business Intelligence) platform allows the distribution of solutions for retail, industrial and smart cities sectors, which are adapted to the particularities of each project and client. Some of them are business intelligence, industrial process monitoring, traffic management, license plate reading through video analysis or prevention of laboral risks. All this with the aim of improving productivity through control and data management.

Through this union, Pervasive Technologies and Kron Analytics will be able to offer companies indicators of their performance, with which they will discover and analyze the Big Data.

This collaboration will also allow companies to organize and manage their resources (cameras, reports, points of sale, users…) effectively and online, since they will be able to comfortably and quickly manage all their data and make reports when necessary, indicating what information to see and how to present it.

“Today more than ever, companies are looking for speed and productivity, and technology is key to achieving their goals. They all have a large amount of data, but they don’t know how to take advantage of it,” says Rodolfo Lomascolo, co-founder and CEO of Pervasive Technologies. “We believe that this alliance with Kron Analytics will be a turning point for both companies, as we will be able to be closer to the companies, offering them a comprehensive service for their digital transformation”.

For his part, Iban Barbanoj, Business Developer Manager (BDM) of Kron Analytics, states that “as we all know, we are in the information age. But in order for this not to turn into disinformation, it is necessary to treat all the data we collect in an appropriate manner, give it the necessary format and extract from it the fundamental conclusions so that it can be of great benefit to companies, which can maintain themselves in very competitive positions if they carry out this task in a professional manner. Therefore, it is a pleasure for us to join Pervasive Technologies, as both companies pursue a common goal.

From today, Pervasive Technologies and Kron Analytics work together to optimize the companies’ processes.

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Elisenda Martí Pervasive Technologies Project Manager

Elisenda Martí Cucurella joins Pervasive Technologies as Project Manager

The professional arrives at this position after her time as a student of the Executive Master’s in Big Data Science at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC)

Pervasive Technologies, a company specialised in the development of Artificial Intelligence solutions, grows with the incorporation of Elisenda Martí Cucurella as Project Manager. The Project Development department will now have a professional of renowned prestige, who will be in charge of managing and coordinating the team of each project.

Martí has reached this position after graduating as a technical engineer in industrial design and having studied the Executive Master’s Degree in Big Data Science at the UIC.

The new member of Pervasive Technologies has an extensive professional career in the industrial sector and is a specialist in product development, from the beginning of the process and management of the idea to the assembly of the first series. He started in the production and 3D design environment, to later dedicate himself to the direct management of the product development.

She has supervised the assembly control and has been a production and product approval engineer for different countries. Over the last two years she has maintained technical contact with all areas of the company in her pre-sales technical service role.

The Pervasive Technologies team welcomes this appointment, as “we put all our trust in her, because we are sure that her experience and talent will contribute to the growth of the company”, says Rodolfo Lomascolo, co-founder and CEO of Pervasive Technologies.

For Martí, “Pervasive Technologies has given me a great opportunity, as this is a decisive moment in the development and evolution of AI, which can be applied in almost all industries to speed up and optimise processes. I want to be part of the digital transformation we are promoting”.


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Pervasive Technologies Master UIC Big Data Science

Pervasive Technologies participates in the new edition of Executive Master in Big Data Science at UIC

Pervasive Technologies, a company specialized in predictive solutions of Artificial Intelligence (AI), joins one more year the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) to offer the Executive Master in Big Data Science. Big Data Scientist’s position is among the so-called ‘professions of the future’, which is why the company has decided to once again invest in training in this field. A position that is in high demand, without doubt, in these new times, as these are professionals who are experts in new areas of knowledge becoming more and more widespread and necessary.

The master’s degree is addressed to professionals who want to go deeper into the fields of Big Data and advanced analytics, two clear trends worldwide. It has been designed with the aim of training professionals capable of making decisions by working with a large volume of data, thanks to advanced analytical techniques, both predictive and prescriptive. Among the subjects to be covered are machine learning, data mining and programming languages.

Companies in almost any sector were already immersed in profound technological changes in recent years, but now more than ever, so this field has become an opportunity for constant improvement thanks to Big Data. These technologies, which allow data to be processed in an appropriate manner, can provide companies with numerous benefits: automation, greater efficiency, robotisation, rapid reaction, prevention, etc., which translates into improvements in the quality of services. They also serve to reduce companies’ CO2 levels and thus help to care for the environment. It is worth mentioning that this is the first time that such advanced technology is available not only to large organisations, but also to SMEs.

The registration period for the course, which will start this month, is still open.

The opening session of the Master’s took place last Friday, 2 October, where the programme and teachers were presented to the new students. Rodolfo Lomascolo, Pervasive Technologies CEO and professor of the master’s degree, stated that “once again we are very satisfied with the participation of Pervasive Technologies in the UIC master’s degree, a programme that has already generated dozens of top-level professionals in the technology sector and specifically in Big Data Science”.

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Pervasive Technologies Aleph Comunicación

Pervasive Technologies entrusts its communication and PR to Aleph Comunicación

The agency assumes the communication and media relations of the Artificial Intelligence company

Pervasive Technologies, a company specialised in predictive Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, has chosen Aleph for the design and execution of its communication and media relations strategy.

Aleph will assume both the definition of global marketing and communication strategy and the implementation of the Public Relations campaign.

Pervasive Technologies’ IA solutions add intelligence to available videos and images in companies to solve real business problems. With partners such as Google, NVIDIA and ADLINK, the company uses Advanced Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies to optimise business processes and operations.

Among the solutions based on video images developed by Pervasive Technologies, the analysis of people’s behaviour or the control of health standards, as well as price compliance, label reading, people traffic, control of prohibited areas, counting, frequent attendants or vehicle detection, among others, stand out.

Roberto Chaskielberg, General Manager of Aleph Comunicación, states that “the sanitary crisis has assigned a crucial role to Pervasive Technologies; applying Artificial Intelligence to the supervision of standards and control measures, seeking a balance between the safety and productivity of its clients”.

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Pervasive Technlogies at Embedded World 2020 with Adlink Technology

Pervasive Technologies at Embedded World Exhibition 2020

The Embedded World Exhibition and Conference will be held in Nuremberg, Germany, between the days 25 and 28 of February. As a leading international world fair with the focus exclusively on embedded technologies, many companies and professionals will attend this event to show and learn the new trends in the field of Artificial Intelligence or Edge Technology.

Embedded World Exhibition will take place at the Exhibition Centre of Nuremberg, Germany, where for three days the exhibitors are going to be showcasing their latest solutions and products that will mark the new steps into the future of embedded systems.

Pervasive Technologies will be present at Embedded World 2020 with our partner Adlink Technology exhibiting industrial-related AI Vision solutions. You can find us in Hall 10 – Booth 540.

We will be showcasing industrial-related solutions such as Heureka PPE, an AI Vision solution based on personal protective equipment automatic recognition through images or video in real-time that allows increasing safety in any work environment that requires personal protection.

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Pervasive Technologies will attend SICUR 2020

Pervasive Technologies will attend SICUR, the International Security Exhibition

Between 25 and 28 February, the International Security Exhibition will be held in Madrid. Companies and professionals from all over the world will attend this event to learn about new trends in the security market and exhibit their products and innovations.

SICUR will take place at the IFEMA exhibition center, where for four days security, defense, cybersecurity, innovation, and technological development will be the main topics of conversation.

SICUR is the international reference event in Spain in the field and market of security, which brings together professionals and companies from private and public areas. New technologies and innovation are the main focus of this fair that seeks to promote welfare and social development.

Pervasive Technologies will be present at SICUR 2020 with our partner Kron Analytics exhibiting security-related AI Vision solutions. You can find us in Hall 10 – Stand 10A35.

We will be exhibiting solutions related to working safety such as Heureka PPE, an AI Vision solution based on personal protective equipment automatic recognition through images or video in real-time that allows increasing safety in any work environment that requires personal protection.

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Pervasive Technologies at SmartCatalonia Challenge

Pervasive Technologies participates at SmartCatalonia Challenge for “Port de Tarragona”

Pervasive Technologies has attended the special edition of the SmartCatalonia Challenge focused on the “Port de Tarragona“.

During the event, several companies have offered their ideas to solve the four challenges that were announced a few weeks before.

These solutions offered by the companies are focused on solving different processes of port operations through innovative technologies such as image and video recognition. 

What is SmartCatalonia Challenge?

The initiative SmartCatalonia Challenge is a competition promoted by the Secretary of Digital Policies of the Generalitat de Catalunya.  

Promoting innovation in search of solutions to territorial problems, it involves startups, small and medium enterprises to meet the challenges posed by the Catalan entities. 

SmartCatalonia tries to connect through competition these territorial problems with the proposals offered by companies willing to solve the challenges posed to improve the life quality of many citizens.

Solutions in “Port de Tarragona

Pervasive Technologies attended the event as one of the leading companies in the application of Artificial Intelligence to image and video recognition to give a sample of the solutions that could be applied when solving the proposed issues.

The event held in the “Tarragona Port Authority Assembly Hall” sought to respond to the four challenges posed by SmartCatalonia Challenge for different problems of the “Port of Tarragona”, these are:

  • Challenge 1: Fast and safe access to the port 

This challenge aims to solve the problem of how to accredit and identify drivers quickly and prior to their arrival at the port. 

  • Challenge 2: Vehicle Monitoring and Tracking

To provide a solution to the question of how to track vehicles circulating in the Port in a non-invasive way.

  • Challenge 3: Automatic Identification of Authorized Personnel

A constant problem that needs to be corrected is how to detect if there are non-accredited people inside the vehicles that enter the port.

  • Challenge 4: Automatic Identification of Products

This challenge seeks to answer the question of how to know if the trucks leaving the Port are full or empty.

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Pervasive Technologies at ADLINK partner meeting.

Pervasive Technologies take part in ADLINK Partners Meeting

ADLINK Partners Meeting in Valencia

On January 15th and 16th, the annual meeting of partners of the hardware producer ADLINK took place, among which Pervasive Technologies is one of the most renowned peninsular partners. 

The meeting took place in the city of Turia with the objective of presenting the latest products, solutions and new developments of ADLINK’s technologies, giving the opportunity to its partners to make their solutions visible and present various demos with the aim of creating business opportunities under the umbrella of the Taiwanese company.

In addition to the presentation of different solutions, the event managed to generate interesting networking by bringing together important people from emerging technology companies that seek to lead the future of innovation. 

In the different talks during the two days of the event, all the successes of the year were reviewed, where the technological trends are going was discussed, besides a deep debate about which is the future market, starting with a talk of ADLINK’s CEO, Jim Liu, who offered a very advanced vision about what is happening in the IoT and AI world and his evolution perspective for the next years. 

The main topic of debate and presentation was artificial intelligence, being the appointment a key moment for the partners to share their needs and successes to generate new business opportunities and technological improvements.

Pervasive Technologies’ role in ADLINK’s partner meeting

Rodolfo Lomascolo, CEO of Pervasive Technologies, was on hand to give a presentation on the application and the importance of ADLINK hardware and NVIDIA GPUs for the creation of its Heureka Industry and Retail platform.

Pervasive Technologies’ presentation discussed how to deploy Vision-based artificial intelligence solutions on the Heureka platform (for both industrial and retail environments) and how they are using this intelligent hardware to run models, do deployments, remote management and more, ending with the presentation of some of their latest success stories.

ADLINK’s organization and hosting were great, with the location in the Valencian city being an unbeatable choice. 

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PPE automated detection to prevent risks at the workplace

PPE control

When we talk about sectors such as construction or industry, we all know that workers tend to do their jobs in complex and even dangerous environments, which causes accidents at work caused by risks in the work area.
The safety of employees in work areas has always been of vital importance to companies, and that leads to all companies working in these sectors (industry, manufacturing, construction, etc.) need, also for due compliance of the law, of a policy and a plan for the prevention of occupational hazards.

The problem with the control of the use of PPE is found in the manual review by visual inspection, since this method has traditionally been used to confirm that workers are wearing protective equipment. This method, apart from being very slow and expensive due to the individual review of each worker, leads to frequent errors that can affect both employees for their safety working as well as the company because they are breaking the legality unconsciously.
From Pervasive Technologies we have developed an artificial intelligence solution – Heureka PPE – based on image processing, to replace the traditional manual control system with an automated system. The system recognizes the PPE that workers carry, benefits employees by improving their safety in work areas and companies by increasing productivity and regulatory compliance, saving both time and money.

Heureka PPE

The Pervasive Heureka PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) solution continuously monitors the marked areas (usually the entrances or exits of the enclosures) by combining advanced analytics and machine learning to ensure the correct use of the PPE indicated for the specific work environment.


In general, a series of surveillance cameras are available and compliance with the PPE regulations established for the areas or scenes where the images of each camera are captured must be detected.
Depending on the specificity of each use case, piloting may be necessary or timely in the real scenario of the solution, before the implementation of the Complete Solution.

Heureka PPE is scalable, secure and suitable for all infrastructure requirements.
The Heureka PPE Edge device is a GPU processing unit that can provide EPI detection information near the camera with any CCTV camera.
The solution can send the detection result, alarms and information related to the cloud and to a central processing unit.

Main components

Heureka Edge device

GPU processing unit supporting up to 4 cameras to perform detection on the device itself (local processing). Includes remote support service and configuration assistance.

Heureka PPE license

AI module for EPI’s detection. The license is associated with each camera.
The detections incorporated in Heureka PPE are: “helmet”, “head”, “vest”, “gloves”, “safety boots”, “acoustic protector”, “glasses” and “person”.

Optional components

Pervasive offers a set of optional services for adjustment, monitoring and priority maintenance of the solution:

Solution adjustment for the client’s case

We offer our adjustment service for those cases in which it is required to increase the accuracy by incorporating particularities of the client’s case.

Continued service for remote monitoring of the solution

Remote monitoring of the Heureka Edge device identifying potential anomalies in the behavior of the solution over a period of 2 years.

Maintenance of the Heureka PPE license

It includes the resolution of errors and the updates of the software provided by Pervasive for a period of 2 years.

Priority maintenance of the Heureka Edge device

It includes replacing the device with the solution already pre-installed in case of failure within 24-48h for a period of 2 years.


Pervasive Technologies solutions can be easily integrated into third-party systems through REST API communication.
The predictions can be sent by REST callback to a client server or they could be consulted by REST call to the Edge device by the client.
Additionally, in any of the options, the client could incorporate the predictions into his VMS system.
The solution can be integrated into a self-registration entry / exit system, access control systems and video management servers for alarms and operation. The possibilities of integration are multiple.

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El futuro del Sector Energético, con Pervasive Technologies, Google y ATOS

“AI in Motion: Energy Sector”, event with Google Cloud and Atos

The event on the future of the Energy Sector

On October 9th, the event “AI in the motion: Energy Sector” will take place, an event organized by Atos, Google Cloud and Pervasive Technologies jointly.

It will take place at the ATOS Business Technology and Innovation Center in Madrid, at number 2 of Paseo Doce Estrellas.

There will be several presentations on the subject of the application of Artificial Intelligence in the energy sector, one for each company that co-organizes the event:

Celestino Güemes, from Atos, will present in his conference content related to “AI in the edge”, while José Manuel García, from Google, will talk about “Machine Learning for everyone, Energy examples” to know how the usefulness of Artificial Intelligence technologies are changing the ways of working in the sector.

Finally, Salvador Marimón, director of Pervasive Technologies, will present the issue of “AI business value” in which he will show us different purposes and uses of AI to optimize and improve business, including in the energy sector.

We will also find at the disposal of those present a series of demos so that they can observe first-hand the different solutions that are being implemented in this sector.

AI in Motion Agenda: Energy Sector

09:00 – Reception and welcome coffee
09:30 – Presentation
09:40 – AI in the edge. Celestino Güemes. Atos
10:00 – ML for everyone, Energy examples. José Manuel García. Google Cloud
10:20 – AI Business Values. Salvador Marimón. Pervasive Technologies
10:40 – Break
11:00 – AI on live: Detección de EPI’s, Satellite Asset Monitoring y ICR
11:30 – Closing

AI in Motion Demo Circuit

  • Digital Twin: Real-time monitoring and failure prediction for wind turbines using AI and digital twins.
  • PPE Detectoion: Compliance audit of the use of Personal Protection Equipment through AI applied to Images and Videos.
  • Satellite Asset Monitoring: Audit and control of Assets through AI applied to Satellite Images.
  • ICR – Intelligent Character Recognizition: Identifying and extracting content from document images, for their structuring, classification and analysis.
  • Automatic defect inspection of solar farms with AI: Identification and classification of defects of panels in solar farms, using thermographies acquired by means of drones and artificial vision IA models.
  • Revenue Protection: AI and ML applied to Non-Technical Loss Detection in Distribution Networks.
  • Reconocimiento automático de acciones usando vídeo: Intelligent alarm control by detecting actions in selected areas using AI.
  • AI-Powered customer service: Transforming customer service through artificial intelligence: RPA and voicebots.
  • E-Fly: Edge- enabled Flying Inspector: Infrastructure inspection platform using UAVs or other aerial means, applying Deep Learning techniques.

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