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Pervasive Technologies improve safety with AI

How does Artificial Intelligence improve safety in industrial environments?

Prevent accidents and even save lives. These are the things that Artificial Intelligence can do for us when we incorporate it into industrial environments and manage to adapt it to their diverse needs.

In 2019 alone, a total of 650,602 occupational accidents with sick leave were recorded in Spain. A significant bulk of this figure is made up of those occurring in the manufacturing industry, vehicle repair, construction, hospitality and transport and storage sectors.

In these environments, it is a priority to pay attention to the correct use of protective equipment, as non-compliance poses a risk to the lives of employees and can lead to serious legal problems for the organization.

Common sense and the law make it mandatory to maximize and control prevention thoroughly and constantly. It is the job of supervisors to check compliance at all times. Manually verifying that PPE is being used correctly and continuously is an arduous task that mobilizes company resources and opens the door to human error.

This is where applying Artificial Intelligence is a major advantage. There are applications that, through a combination of advanced analytics and machine learning applied to image processing, recognize whether employees are wearing protective equipment correctly. An example of this is our Workplace Safety – PPE Detection solution. AI is also capable of detecting possible non-compliance in real time.

These solutions can make use of the video cameras that companies often have to monitor their facilities in real time. Based on the information obtained from them, non-compliance and risks can be detected automatically, and reports can be drawn up to help refine PPE policy. Processing and recording units in access areas greatly reduce the time supervisors spend visually inspecting and improve the auditing process.

When choosing an AI solution, its ability to connect with other applications is important, for example, in case of an alarm, to trigger actions in other systems.

We can conclude that AI and real-time data processing can improve safety in work environments and boost productivity.

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Pervasive Technologies Seleccionada Bind 4.0

Pervasive Technologies selected as Bind 4.0 participant for its AI solutions for industry

  • The Spanish company is among the 31 companies selected by the acceleration program.
  • Its AI solutions project stood out among 750 applications from 73 countries.
  • This 5th edition of the event had 37% more applications than last year.

The Spanish company Pervasive Technologies is one of the 31 innovative companies selected in the 5th edition of Bind 4.0, an international acceleration program organized by the Basque Government to promote the best startups that offer technological solutions for Industry 4.0, from big data and collaborative robotics to IoT and virtual reality.

Pervasive Technologies has presented to the program its solutions for the industry: detection of protective equipment (PPE), automatic reading and extraction of information from images or texts (ICR) and solutions for the steel sector as scrap classification (Scrap Classification), truck load detection at entrances and exits of enclosures or identification of hydrocarbon leaks to minimize risks. Thanks to being selected, the company will be able to develop its projects together with one of the platform’s corporate organizations.

The 57 companies promoting this initiative, belonging to different sectors of industry, energy, food and health based in the Basque Country, have analyzed up to 750 applications from 73 different countries, 37% more than last year, awarding the prize of participating in the program to 22 Spanish and 9 international companies. Technological innovation applied to improving processes, services and products has been taken into account.

Bind 4.0 promotes the startup and growth of companies, putting selected startups in contact with large companies interested in their developments.

In addition to AI, the majority technologies of the projects have been IoT and artificial vision -62% of the selected solutions-, followed by others such as robotics, cybersecurity or blockchain. According to data from Bind 4.0, 70 % of the startups continue working with the companies involved once this initial contract has ended.

Thanks to projects like this one, Pervasive Technologies will be able to continue with its goal of digitally transforming companies through cutting-edge AI to face the technological revolution we are currently experiencing.

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Pervasive Technologies - Geprom Image

Pervasive Technologies forms alliance with Geprom to develop Artificial Intelligence and advanced analytics initiatives in Industry 4.0

  • The agreement allows to enhance the proposal of both companies in the connected industry through the combination of the latest MES/MOM technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Big Data.
  • The combined work between the two companies will enable the development of advanced solutions in the areas of production control and planning, logistics, maintenance and quality.

Pervasive Technologies, an Artificial Intelligence solutions company, has signed a strategic agreement with Geprom, an engineering company specialized in industrial automation and digital transformation, for the combined development of projects designed to optimize processes and maximize productivity in Smart Factory environments.

The collection of real-time information from data generated in industrial and logistics processes in MES/MOM (Manufacturing Execution System / Manufacturing Operations Management), WMS (Warehouse Management System), QMS (Quality Management System) and CMMS (Computer Maintenance Management System) platforms allows to make decisions and manage all critical processes instantly, ensure product quality, control internal and external logistics processes and plan and schedule industrial activities.

All the information from the factory generates millions of real-time information data that, collected in the platforms, also allow advanced analytics, applying all the capabilities of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in a predictive way through Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies. The combined solutions developed by Geprom and Pervasive Technologies make it easier to obtain more intelligent systems, which represent a leap in process efficiency, achieving cost reduction and further support for the creation of process simulations, digital twins and predictive maintenance.

The fusion of the technologies of both companies allows to provide an integral solution in the main industrial sectors, both in SMEs and in large multinational companies and logistics centers.

“Allying with a partner of the prestige and accumulated knowledge of the stature of Geprom marks a turning point in our development. We believe that this is a union from which both companies can benefit greatly and, above all, we can help our customers to optimize their industrial processes” says Rodolfo Lomascolo, co-founder and CEO of Pervasive Technologies.

For his part, Dario Cesena, CEO of Geprom, explains that “with this collaboration agreement we continue to move forward to offer a differential value proposition in the market, so that companies have a wide range of solutions, from the comprehensive management of their processes to the advanced analytics of millions of data generated in production processes”.

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Pervasive Technologies Tracktio Partners para mejorar seguridad IA

Pervasive Technologies and Tracktio merge their technologies for asset control

  • Both companies will combine their tracking and image recognition capabilities to improve security in industrial environments.
  • This strategic alliance enables the development of new solutions for the traceability of objects and subjects in different sectors and work environments.

Pervasive Technologies, a company specialized in the development of Artificial Intelligence solutions, and Tracktio, developer of tracking and geolocation software to improve productivity and security in industrial sectors, have announced their decision to join knowledge and technologies to create an advanced detection and tracking solution for people, vehicles and assets, which generates safer workspaces in industrial environments.

The combination of Pervasive Technologies’ image recognition systems with Tracktio’s location and tracking devices creates a comprehensive, detailed and up-to-date view of business operations, enriched by the collection of relevant information in real time.

The feedback from both technologies creates a wide range of possibilities, including the detection and tracking of assets – anything that moves in an industrial environment – whether they are people, objects or vehicles. In this way, the client obtains precise key performance indicators (KPIs), as well as centralized and combined dashboards, which make it possible to detect whether objects are arranged correctly, whether there are elements in hazardous areas or whether the company’s specific rules are being respected, with the possibility of sending real-time alerts to avoid possible accidents.

Beyond the industrial environment, people counting and flow tracking, thanks to tracking devices and cameras, can also be used to avoid capacity problems sufficiently in advance or to find objects and people, among other uses. On the other hand, these functionalities are visible through Tracktio’s TrackSphere platform, a software dedicated to the physical reconstruction of environments through maps and diagrams, workflows adaptable to any facility regardless of its activity.

“The union of Pervasive Technologies and Tracktio allows us to create plans and work environments based on updated information and real experience, which makes them more efficient and secure”, highlights Rodolfo Lomascolo, CEO and co-founder of Pervasive Technologies.

Fran Pinyol, co-founder and director of Tracktio, declares that “the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and vision capabilities of Pervasive Technologies bring us many synergies in customers, and of course, our partners increase their business opportunities”.

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AI in the supermarket Pervasive Technologies

Artificial intelligence in supermarkets: the road to a more human experience

First it was homes, then phones, and now it’s the turn of smart supermarkets. The shopping experience is already benefiting from Artificial Intelligence in an advance that favors both the consumer and the brands and establishments.

Behind the placement of products on supermarket shelves there is a whole marketing strategy. According to studies, 52% of consumer perception is directed to the products that are placed in front of their eyes, and 26% to what is within reach of their hands. Store managers are well aware of this data and have been trying for years to capture the attention and loyalty of their customers by facilitating the purchasing process. The novelty introduced by Artificial Intelligence is that it makes it possible to know this type of data in real time and, in addition, to predict future behavior.

One of the most promising AI capabilities in the retail sector is to create more human and personalized user experiences by analyzing and streamlining processes while making employees’ jobs easier. According to the consulting firm IDC, 50% of the most mature supply chains are already using AI in their processes by 2020.

Some large chains such as Carrefour or Walmart are already benefiting from the advantages that this cutting-edge technology brings to their businesses in areas such as theft control or inventory management. Artificial intelligence solutions such as our CPG Analytics open up a whole world of possibilities for businesses that make the decision to implement it in their work, but where to start, without losing sight of the main objective, the customer?

The first factor that can greatly benefit from AI is stock management, as it prevents both product depletion and wastage of perishable foods in advance, thus creating a more sustainable store.

The organization of the shelves is another potential point of improvement, since with the analysis of images in real time it is possible to check immediately and accurately that the products indicated have the correct quantity, position and price, facilitating and speeding up the work of the stockers, as well as eliminating possible human errors.

Beyond the logistical level, image capture makes it possible to study in depth the shelves and the interaction of customers with them in order to optimize the layout of the store, making it more human, intelligent and adapted to the customer.

All these advances and digital strategies are helping us to move towards an improved, personalized and updated shopping experience, as well as an environment that responds in a real and effective way to our needs.




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Lucia Mackinlay Pervasive Technologies Product Manager

Pervasive Technologies promotes Lucía Mackinlay to Product Manager

The young professional is now in charge of the development of new technological products and services

Lucía Mackinlay, who has been part of the commercial team of Pervasive Technologies, a company specialized in the development of Artificial Intelligence solutions, has been promoted to Product Manager, with the main function of creating new technological products.

At an organizational level, Lucia – who until now has been in the role of Inside Sales – will be responsible for leading and managing the development of products, from the initial idea to after-sales, as well as the team assigned to this task. This includes the creation of launch strategies, sales analysis and implementation of new actions once they are on the market.

It will also generate and study new product possibilities, carry out market and competitor analysis and incorporate new work methodologies to optimize processes, emphasizing the fulfillment of objectives.

“Managing the development of Pervasive Technologies’ new product is an exciting task. My goal as Product Manager is to offer society products that improve and solve its daily problems,” says the newly promoted.

Mackinlay started working in embassies and NGOs. Later she reached the position of Account Manager as part of the commercial team of CenturyLink, a company in telecommunications sector. In this company she was responsible for commercializing cloud services and data centers, where she experienced her first professional approach to the technology industry.

She graduated from the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE) with a degree in Public and Institutional Relations, where his orientation towards technology was already evident. She also has a course on Digital Transformation from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and another on Product Management from Stanford University, focused on the creation and management of technology and AI products.


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Pervasive Technologies finalista en BIND 4.0

Pervasive Technologies, selected finalist in Bind 4.0 startup acceleration program

The Basque Acceleration Program evaluates technological products or services with applications for advanced manufacturing, intelligent energy and health and food technology

Pervasive Technologies, company specialized in the development of Artificial Intelligence solutions, has been named finalist in the 5th edition of the international program of acceleration of startups Bind 4.0 (Basque Industry 4.0) thanks to its solutions for the industrial and retail sectors: PPE detection, automatic reading and extraction of information from text (ICR) or images or text (OCR) and analysis of supermarket shelves (CPG Analytics).

This public-private initiative analyses solutions based on the new technologies of the 4.0 industry, such as Big Data, augmented and virtual reality, collaborative robotics, cyber security, IoT or 3D printing, among others, and which have applications for fields such as intelligent energy, food and health technology and advanced manufacturing.

The project promotes the promotion of promising 4.0 industrial companies through the connection with important international companies in search of innovative solutions and with the main industrial companies of the Basque Country. It has already been of great help to 108 startups, which have become leaders in innovation and references for other companies through the network of contacts, access to useful tools, workspace and technical support, and the funding that Bind 4.0 has made available.

This acceleration program offers market and growth opportunities by providing visibility to the startups, networking contacts and the possibility of closing contracts with their corporate partners of up to 150,000 euros. If successful, Pervasive Technologies will start in the program in January 2021 and present a demo in July.

The project is led by the Basque Government and its business development agency SPRI, and is supported by the three Provincial Councils of the region.

“We are very proud to be a finalist in Bind 4.0. We are immersed in a NEW technological revolution and 2020 has only highlighted the need for a digital transformation of companies. Our cutting-edge technological solutions can be a great help for companies in industrial and retail sectors,” says Rodolfo Lomascolo, co-founder and CEO of Pervasive Technologies.


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Pervasive en BIND 4.0, Choose Paris Region y Comertia

On the way to closing a year of expansion

Throughout this year 2020 that we are about to say goodbye, we have participated in important meetings and technological platforms to present our AI solutions designed for the industrial and retail sectors.
One of the most relevant is the BIND 4.0 accelerator, an international event organized by the Basque Government, aimed at promoting the development of the best startups with solutions based on new technologies in the 4.0 industry, such as big data, augmented/virtual reality, collaborative robotics, cyber security, IoT or 3D printing, among others.

Here we have brought our solutions for industry: PPE detection, automatic reading and extraction of information from text (ICR) or images or objects (OCR). We have already been selected as finalists, so we hope to have even better news next year, when the winning projects will be announced.

We were also present at the TechMeeting ‘Industry 4.0’ organized by Choose Paris Region, which brings together companies looking for technological solutions in industry with development companies. This meeting included a global talk on industry issues, an individual presentation of the organization and networking among interested companies.

In the retail sector, we want to mention our participation in the talk organized by Comertia, Catalan association of companies in the sector, together with the Agency for Enterprise Competitiveness (ACCIÓ). It has been held with the aim of connecting large companies in the sector with those that offer innovative technological solutions, and we have presented our solution CPG Analytics, which measures values such as the planogram or price compliance and product performance.

All these events make clear that we are immersed in a NEW technological revolution, and 2020 has only made clear the need for a digital transformation of companies.


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Pervasive Technologies Certificado Innovación Tecnológica

Pervasive Technologies receives the Certificate of Technological Innovation

Title awarded by Agencia de Certificación en Innovación Española (ACIE)

Pervasive Technologies, a company specialized in the development of Artificial Intelligence solutions, has recived the Technological Innovation Certificate (IT) from Agencia de Certificación en Innovación Española (ACIE) for its project ‘Development of the Heureka AI platform’.

Pervasive’s project, launched in early 2019, has been applied, for the time being, to the retail and industrial sectors. Thanks to it, companies can use their video cameras and the images of their operations to constantly monitor areas of interest (people in motion, vehicles, products…). By this way, processable information is obtained in real time and reports can then be produced to optimize processes and operations. All this is possible thanks to the combination of Advanced Analytics and Deep Learning, as well as a correct use of the Big Data collected.

These cameras become a source of operational intelligence and make it possible to measure values such as the distance between workers, the correct placement of the protective uniform, the capacity of a room, etc., which currently serves to comply with the health measures established by the Government.

“For us, it is essential to have this certification, as it ensures that we can realize our main objective: to create Artificial Intelligence products that facilitate the daily life of people and companies. A support that in the current context is more necessary than ever”, says Rodolfo Lomascolo, co-founder and CEO of Pervasive Technologies. “We will continue working with the highest quality in all our projects to offer the best possible service and make technology a great ally for the companies”.

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Albert Climent Pervasive Technologies CTO

Albert Climent, new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Pervasive Technologies

The company promotes this partner after having held the position of Chief Data Scientist (CDS).

Pervasive Technologies, a company specialized in the development of Artificial Intelligence solutions, appoints its Chief Data Scientist (CDS) and partner, Albert Climent Bigas, as Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Climent, originally from Vic (Barcelona), has a degree in Physics from the Universitat de Barcelona and a Master’s degree in Automatic and Robotics Control from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). His Master’s thesis was presented at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland.

He began his professional career in consulting, working as Data Analyst in robotics, IA and Big Data projects. He continued his training in the Artificial Intelligence fields of salesforce, SQL and tensorflow, among others, until he joined Pervasive Technologies project four years ago. He decided to join the team because of its interesting proposal and the sectors in which the company works. At the beginning, Climent began by assuming the management of the Data Scientist team, gradually adding front-end developers and other profiles to the technical team.

Climent has been a professor of the MEBDS Master at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) for three years.

The main objective of his new functions will be to lead and organize the technical team of the company, to maintain continuous innovation and project development management.

It will also drive technological innovation and incorporate new technologies and devices into project processes and future products, and study new hardware to apply to the most complex challenges. Likewise, it will bring to the company new work methodologies with the purpose of optimizing the processes and solutions of the clients, putting the focus on the fulfillment of their objectives.

Together with its team, Climent aims to achieve success in every project, following the company’s initial purpose of creating Artificial Intelligence products that help and facilitate the day-to-day life of people and companies. For Climent “the position is an exciting responsibility. I intend to keep growing the team, as well as its knowledge, in order to continue building the present and future of Pervasive Technologies as a leading company in AI solutions for day-to-day challenges”.


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