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Pervasive Technologies joins IoT Catalan Alliance

Pervasive Technologies joins IoT Catalan Alliance to promote smart city deployment

  • The Spanish company specialized in Artificial Intelligence and deep learning joins the SmartCatalonia platform.

As an expert company in Artificial Intelligence applied to solving real business problems, Pervasive Technologies has decided to join the IoT Catalan Alliance, a platform promoted by the Generalitat de Catalunya within its SmartCatalonia plan. This initiative aims to expand the concept of smart city through the Internet of Things (IoT) technology to make effective the digital transformation in public services, boost economic growth and promote a smarter, sustainable and inclusive society.

The IoT Catalan Alliance platform aims to become the ideal environment for key industry players to dialogue and design a common action plan to promote technology at the service of the community in Catalonia.

The current main points of focus are the health, industrial, agricultural and public services sectors. For each of them, specific work plans are defined to meet the particular needs of each activity and boost supply and demand by connecting businesses through B2B networking.

With the inclusion of Pervasive Technologies as a board member of the IoT Catalan Alliance, the company will be able to expand the range of benefits of its AI-based detection and classification solutions and technologies thanks to direct and specialized contact with new potential customers, in addition to feedback and networking with the other companies involved to employ its cutting-edge technology in the sustainable development of products and services.

“From Pervasive Technologies, we firmly believe that this platform encourages collaboration between companies to take a big step in the digital transformation of Catalonia. Participating in initiatives such as this one links us with the principles in which every company that sees itself as an instrument to provide social value must move. Together, we will move forward to achieve one of the goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda: more inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities,” said Rodolfo Lomascolo, CEO and co-founder of Pervasive Technologies.

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Pervasive Technologies Aleph Comunicación

Pervasive Technologies entrusts its communication and PR to Aleph Comunicación

The agency assumes the communication and media relations of the Artificial Intelligence company

Pervasive Technologies, a company specialised in predictive Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, has chosen Aleph for the design and execution of its communication and media relations strategy.

Aleph will assume both the definition of global marketing and communication strategy and the implementation of the Public Relations campaign.

Pervasive Technologies’ IA solutions add intelligence to available videos and images in companies to solve real business problems. With partners such as Google, NVIDIA and ADLINK, the company uses Advanced Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies to optimise business processes and operations.

Among the solutions based on video images developed by Pervasive Technologies, the analysis of people’s behaviour or the control of health standards, as well as price compliance, label reading, people traffic, control of prohibited areas, counting, frequent attendants or vehicle detection, among others, stand out.

Roberto Chaskielberg, General Manager of Aleph Comunicación, states that “the sanitary crisis has assigned a crucial role to Pervasive Technologies; applying Artificial Intelligence to the supervision of standards and control measures, seeking a balance between the safety and productivity of its clients”.

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Pervasive Technologies will attend SICUR 2020

Pervasive Technologies will attend SICUR, the International Security Exhibition

Between 25 and 28 February, the International Security Exhibition will be held in Madrid. Companies and professionals from all over the world will attend this event to learn about new trends in the security market and exhibit their products and innovations.

SICUR will take place at the IFEMA exhibition center, where for four days security, defense, cybersecurity, innovation, and technological development will be the main topics of conversation.

SICUR is the international reference event in Spain in the field and market of security, which brings together professionals and companies from private and public areas. New technologies and innovation are the main focus of this fair that seeks to promote welfare and social development.

Pervasive Technologies will be present at SICUR 2020 with our partner Kron Analytics exhibiting security-related AI Vision solutions. You can find us in Hall 10 – Stand 10A35.

We will be exhibiting solutions related to working safety such as Heureka PPE, an AI Vision solution based on personal protective equipment automatic recognition through images or video in real-time that allows increasing safety in any work environment that requires personal protection.

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Pervasive Technologies at SmartCatalonia Challenge

Pervasive Technologies participates at SmartCatalonia Challenge for “Port de Tarragona”

Pervasive Technologies has attended the special edition of the SmartCatalonia Challenge focused on the “Port de Tarragona“.

During the event, several companies have offered their ideas to solve the four challenges that were announced a few weeks before.

These solutions offered by the companies are focused on solving different processes of port operations through innovative technologies such as image and video recognition. 

What is SmartCatalonia Challenge?

The initiative SmartCatalonia Challenge is a competition promoted by the Secretary of Digital Policies of the Generalitat de Catalunya.  

Promoting innovation in search of solutions to territorial problems, it involves startups, small and medium enterprises to meet the challenges posed by the Catalan entities. 

SmartCatalonia tries to connect through competition these territorial problems with the proposals offered by companies willing to solve the challenges posed to improve the life quality of many citizens.

Solutions in “Port de Tarragona

Pervasive Technologies attended the event as one of the leading companies in the application of Artificial Intelligence to image and video recognition to give a sample of the solutions that could be applied when solving the proposed issues.

The event held in the “Tarragona Port Authority Assembly Hall” sought to respond to the four challenges posed by SmartCatalonia Challenge for different problems of the “Port of Tarragona”, these are:

  • Challenge 1: Fast and safe access to the port 

This challenge aims to solve the problem of how to accredit and identify drivers quickly and prior to their arrival at the port. 

  • Challenge 2: Vehicle Monitoring and Tracking

To provide a solution to the question of how to track vehicles circulating in the Port in a non-invasive way.

  • Challenge 3: Automatic Identification of Authorized Personnel

A constant problem that needs to be corrected is how to detect if there are non-accredited people inside the vehicles that enter the port.

  • Challenge 4: Automatic Identification of Products

This challenge seeks to answer the question of how to know if the trucks leaving the Port are full or empty.

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Pervasive Technologies at ADLINK partner meeting.

Pervasive Technologies take part in ADLINK Partners Meeting

ADLINK Partners Meeting in Valencia

On January 15th and 16th, the annual meeting of partners of the hardware producer ADLINK took place, among which Pervasive Technologies is one of the most renowned peninsular partners. 

The meeting took place in the city of Turia with the objective of presenting the latest products, solutions and new developments of ADLINK’s technologies, giving the opportunity to its partners to make their solutions visible and present various demos with the aim of creating business opportunities under the umbrella of the Taiwanese company.

In addition to the presentation of different solutions, the event managed to generate interesting networking by bringing together important people from emerging technology companies that seek to lead the future of innovation. 

In the different talks during the two days of the event, all the successes of the year were reviewed, where the technological trends are going was discussed, besides a deep debate about which is the future market, starting with a talk of ADLINK’s CEO, Jim Liu, who offered a very advanced vision about what is happening in the IoT and AI world and his evolution perspective for the next years. 

The main topic of debate and presentation was artificial intelligence, being the appointment a key moment for the partners to share their needs and successes to generate new business opportunities and technological improvements.

Pervasive Technologies’ role in ADLINK’s partner meeting

Rodolfo Lomascolo, CEO of Pervasive Technologies, was on hand to give a presentation on the application and the importance of ADLINK hardware and NVIDIA GPUs for the creation of its Heureka Industry and Retail platform.

Pervasive Technologies’ presentation discussed how to deploy Vision-based artificial intelligence solutions on the Heureka platform (for both industrial and retail environments) and how they are using this intelligent hardware to run models, do deployments, remote management and more, ending with the presentation of some of their latest success stories.

ADLINK’s organization and hosting were great, with the location in the Valencian city being an unbeatable choice. 

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