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Pervasive Technologies collaborates in the new edition of the Executive Master in Advanced Analytics & Data Science of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC)

Pervasive Technologies, a company specialized in predictive Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, joins the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) to offer the Executive Master in Advanced Analytics & Data Science. The position of Big Data Scientist is among the so-called ‘professions of the future’, which is why the company has once again decided to invest in training in this field. This position is undoubtedly in great demand in these new times, since these are professionals who are experts in new areas of knowledge, which are becoming more and more widespread and necessary.

The master’s degree is addressed to professionals who want to deepen their knowledge in the fields of Big Data and advanced analytics, two clear trends worldwide. It has been designed with the aim of training professionals capable of making decisions working with a large volume of data, through advanced analytical techniques, both predictive and prescriptive. Among the subjects to be covered are machine learning, data mining and programming languages.

Companies in almost any industry are already immersed in profound technological changes in recent years, but now more than ever, so this field has become an opportunity for constant improvement thanks to Big Data. These technologies, which allow data to be processed appropriately, can bring companies numerous benefits: automation, greater efficiency, robotization, rapid reaction, prevention, etc., which translates into improvements in the quality of services, and can also serve to reduce CO2 levels in companies and help care for the environment. Little by little this advanced technology is no longer only available to large organizations, but also to SMEs and startups to develop innovative projects with high added value.

The registration period for the course is still open in October.

Rodolfo Lomascolo, CEO of Pervasive Technologies and professor of the master, said “once again we are very pleased with the participation of Pervasive Technologies in the UIC master, a program that has already created dozens of top professionals in the technology sector and specifically in Data Science”.

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Pervasive Technologies alianza con Leyton

Pervasive Technologies and Leyton facilitate the development of innovation and technology projects for Spanish companies

  • Technology, innovation and Artificial Intelligence projects have a prominent place in Spain’s strategy for distributing EU Next Generation funds.

Pervasive Technologies, a Spanish company expert in solutions for intelligent image processing through Artificial Intelligence, announces its alliance with Leyton, an international consulting firm specialized in innovation financing, with the common goal of advising Spanish companies to develop innovative technology projects in multiple areas with the possible obtaining of these grants.

NextGenerationEU is a program approved by the European Union in June 2020 to boost Europe’s recovery after the crisis generated by COVID-19. It is the largest economic stimulus instrument ever funded by the EU and contemplates an investment of 806.9 billion euros with the aim of achieving “a greener, more digital and resilient Europe”.

The Spanish strategy for channeling these funds was embodied in the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, through which, from the second quarter of 2021, the different administrations (ministries, autonomous communities and some city councils) are calling for public tenders, bids, subsidies and grants.

Within the framework of the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy and as part of the Digital Spain 2025 agenda, AI is one of the most prominent technological elements. With an estimated total investment of 500 million euros, the aim is to position Spain as a leading country in the application of AI, leading the digital transformation in the business fabric with this technology; promoting the creation of qualified employment, stimulating both national talent and attracting global talent; and incorporating Artificial Intelligence as a factor to improve the productivity of Spanish companies and the Public Administration.

The collaboration between Pervasive Technologies and Leyton, in this context, will greatly facilitate access to the management of these grants to Spanish companies of all sizes, from large corporations to startups, to develop and grow with new technology projects that improve their operations. This will allow companies to automate their processes, improve productivity, enter new markets or develop new services and products with AI-driven technology.

“The basic concept of this collaboration is that Pervasive Technologies offers the technological support to develop advanced technology projects that aspire to be financed with these EU NextGen funds, while Leyton makes available its nearly 25 years of experience facilitating access to grants and subsidies of all kinds to companies and SMEs. This will allow companies, while remaining focused on their core business, to implement digital transformation projects or develop new products and services through innovation with AI,” explains Rodolfo Lomascolo, CEO and co-founder of Pervasive Technologies.

They are currently co-organizing a series of free online seminars. The first one will take place next Friday, September 17 at 10:30 am. The objective is to show first hand how the funds work, what kind of cases can apply and how to start the process to access these grants.

You can register here: Webinar 


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Pervasive Technologies se une a UPTEK innovación digital

Pervasive Technologies joins UPTEK to drive digital innovation in Spain

The company is committed to strengthening sector development through collaboration, training and networking.

Pervasive Technologies, an expert company in solutions for intelligent image processing through Artificial Intelligence, joins UPTEK, a Spanish association of technology companies and startups working for innovation in advanced and digital manufacturing in Spain, which seeks to create spaces and bring open innovation and new talent to the industrial world, generating orderly visibility for these new companies.

UPTEK promotes the presentation, defense, internationalization, standardization and promotion of common interests of its members, as well as the implementation of actions aimed at improving the competitiveness of the sector through inter-company cooperation.

Through different working groups, projects and consulting spaces, UPTEK supports and encourages technological development, cooperation, management of subsidies and grants, personnel training, development of marketing and communication plans and innovation in processes and tests.

UPTEK is part of AFM Cluster, an organization founded in 1946 which, through five industrial associations, brings together more than 500 companies that employ 16,500 professionals and have a turnover of 3,000 million euros. From its headquarters in San Sebastian and its establishment in Tianjin (China), AFM Cluster works to promote internationalization, industrial development, strategic positioning and training of people in its member companies, through its different areas: R&D Projects, Training, Collaboration, Internationalization, Communication and Marketing, among others.

“For Pervasive Technologies to join the UPTEK environment, and as part of it, AFM Cluster, is a great opportunity to expand the scope of the benefits of our AI-based detection and classification solutions and technologies; it will allow us to approach potential new customers and partners to develop our products and solutions. At the same time, it encourages networking with other companies and projects involved with digital innovation in the industrial sector”, says Rodolfo Lomascolo, CEO and co-founder of Pervasive Technologies.

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Jordi Gómez COO Pervasive Technologies

Jordi Gómez Navarro, new Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Pervasive Technologies

After his time at Grupo Afronta as CEO, he will be in charge of strategic and operations management.

Pervasive Technologies, Spanish company specialized in image detection solutions using Artificial Intelligence, incorporates Jordi Gómez to its management team as Chief Operating Officer (COO) to drive the company’s growth with his extensive experience, strategic vision and knowledge of business management.

“It is an honor to join such a talented team, creator of innovative Artificial Intelligence solutions and products that facilitate the daily lives of companies and people” says Gómez, a Barcelona native with an extensive background in economics, operations and strategy management.

Passionate about new technologies and entrepreneur by nature, he has founded and led several companies dedicated to technological innovation and digital transformation, in projects in different sectors: payment methods, cards, electronic signature, smart card, electronics manufacturing, information security, strategic consulting and telecommunications.

Before joining Pervasive Technologies, he was CEO of Grupo Afronta, a telecommunications company focused on promoting technology for smart cities, from Smart City Cluster, an alliance of companies and private institutions working for their development.

In addition, he has been vice-president of the Security Commission of Ametic (Association of Electronics, Information Technology, Telecommunications and Digital Content and Services Companies) and Asimelec (Multisectorial Association of Spanish Electronics and Communications Companies).


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Pervasive Technologies at 4YFN-MWC

Pervasive Technologies will participate in Mobile World Congress – 4YFN, branch focused on startups

The Spanish company will present Alde Workplace Safety, a plug & play product for auditing safety in work environments and compliance of PPE correct use.

Pervasive Technologies, a Spanish company specialized in image detection solutions using Artificial Intelligence, announces its participation in the 4YFN event, within the Mobile World Congress, a platform that brings together startups to foster connections and growth within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. As part of the event, the company will present AIde Workplace Safety, a plug and play product that monitors compliance with the use of PPE and safety in work environments.

According to data from the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, in 2020 there were 485,365 workplace accidents with sick leave, with the corresponding cost for the company and the state. AIde Workplace Safety is an innovative and especially useful solution in industrial environments with safety risk.

It consists of an intelligent device and a camera, with which safety audits are obtained in real time. It is Artificial Intelligence based on image processing with an automated system that recognizes the PPE of each worker and integrates very easily with third-party systems, helping to reduce both occupational risks and administrative sanctions.

In addition, the product counts the number of people passing through the spaces, entering or leaving a given area or remaining in a queue, which allows to know in real time the flow of visitors in a concrete area and when the maximum capacity has been reached. The data collected is visualized in an app, both in numerical and graphical format.

The event will be held with the Mobile World Congress at Fira de Barcelona from June 28 to July 1. It is already established as the platform for connecting entrepreneurs, startups and investors.

The name of the fair, 4 Years From Now, refers to the maturation time of startups: 4 years from inception to growth.

Pervasive Technologies will be present at the fair on Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th June at stand 2F5.2A| Fira Gran Vía Barcelona, Hall 2 | Av. Joan Carles I, 64, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona.

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How AI can help your company long term

How can AI strategies help your company in the long term?

AI applications in different industries are growing steadily around the world and will undoubtedly revolutionize the industrial world in the coming years.

According to a survey commissioned by the European Commission, the first on the acceptance of artificial intelligence by European companies, “awareness of artificial intelligence is almost universal”. The study shows that 78% of companies in the region know what artificial intelligence is; 15% are not clear and 7% say they do not know what it is. However, more than half of the companies surveyed (51%) do not use these technologies and have no plans to surf the wave.

The study -in which more than 9,000 European companies participated- shows that in the case of Spain, 40% of the companies surveyed have implemented at least one of these technologies.

But it also shows that both those who already use these tools and those who have not yet been encouraged to incorporate them face certain internal barriers. 56% of Spanish companies mention the labor market’s lack of training in these topics (programming, big data, robotics, etc.), while implementation costs discourage 66 % of national businesses. The complexity of algorithms and the resulting difficulties in understanding and trusting them are also mentioned.

At European level, the main strategy for incorporating these technologies is to opt for some form of outsourcing, by purchasing platforms (59%) or contracting third parties to develop them on a custom basis (38%). Only 20% opt for in-house adoption.

However, this post is not about the multiple benefits of the use and applications of AI in companies and industrial environments, but about something less obvious: the incorporation of these tools will be key in the “fourth industrial revolution”, but the real differential will be to do it according to a long-term strategy if we expect to see a real return on investment.

Whether they are digital natives or those facing migration, the multi-disciplinary teams that will implement these projects will need to define a strategy from the outset that answers nodal questions: how will the incorporation of AI help our department or company? How will it contribute to better serve our customers, improve our operations and, ultimately, win in the marketplace?

In the short term, AI approached as a series of point solutions without any fundamental improvement in issues such as data infrastructure can be more of a headache than an opportunity for the organization. At the same time, poor project selection, unrealistic ROI expectations, lack of strategic focus and understanding of AI maturity lead to the failure of 80-90% of AI projects.

But in the long run, the benefits will not be achieved with a single successful deployment, but with a transformation of the way the company operates and its vision of how it can win in the marketplace through AI.
To define a holistic approach, several factors will need to be analyzed:

Timeline: how many years does this vision cover?

What specific objectives and results does the company intend to achieve in that time horizon? This could be the opening of new lines of business, a basic transformation of who we serve and how, or simply goals related to growth, profits or market share that AI and digital technologies could help achieve.

Which lines of business, products or services that will incorporate AI appeal to or respond to a specific customer need? Which will be less important with AI? It is also necessary to consider the trends in each sector and how the company will adapt to them, as well as to analyze how AI will contribute to consolidate advantages in the market.

Which processes or operations involve more resources and which have a greater impact on overall company performance or as a driver of growth? In which areas or processes could automation add efficiency and which could be redesigned or even eliminated altogether depending on the lines of business?

What data sources are important to the business, and how could they be improved or made more accessible, both in relation to current lines of business and future products or services?

Which markets and segments (defined by demographics or business criteria) or product lines would benefit from AI? Which are the most important? This analysis may even open up new market opportunities or make irrelevant ones relevant.

In addition to answering these questions, it is important to keep in mind that this vision must be alive and evolving, so it is advisable to review it in depth at least once a year.

Finally, it will be very important throughout the process of ideation, planning and deployment of any AI project and strategy that it be considered unfailingly as part of a broader digital transformation.

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Pervasive Technologies and Arrow partnership

Pervasive Technologies and Arrow Electronics move towards total workplace security

  • Both companies announce the optimal performance and compatibility of their systems, which represents a giant step forward in technology at the service of workplace safety.
  • The union between Arrow Electronics’ devices and Pervasive Technologies’ PPE detection solution makes it possible to optimally manage up to 80 cameras in parallel from a single server.

Pervasive Technologies, leader in the application of Artificial Intelligence solutions through image detection, and Arrow Electronics, an expert in servers specially designed for AI, have successfully completed extensive compatibility and performance testing of the Workplace Safety solution on Arrow’s A2 and A3 servers, improving efficiency, speed and control in the detection of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Using NVIDIA RTX 4000 GPUs, the companies have achieved an unprecedented level of automation in recognizing, auditing and testing the protective equipment that operators must wear to ensure their safety in the workspace. Arrow and NVIDIA devices ensure that all of these processes are performed with the appropriate accuracy and speed of image processing.

Tests have concluded that the reliability and responsiveness of the model have been rated as optimal by both partners, as well as ensuring adaptability to the needs of each installation, with the ability to integrate with existing cameras and video management software. In turn, the solution allows for indoor and outdoor installation, the control of up to 80 cameras from a single server, the creation of customized attention areas for each business and the configuration of alarms in the event of an incorrect arrangement of PPEs.

In 2019, the National Institute for Safety and Health at Work (INSST) recorded a total of 650,602 occupational accidents with sick leave in Spain. A large part of them took place in the manufacturing, construction, hospitality, transportation and warehousing sectors and were related to the incorrect use of PPE.

“Pervasive Technologies strongly believes that the implementation of AI adapted to each work environment will significantly reduce these figures. Our partnership with Arrow Electronics will help companies create a safe environment for workers and boost their business productivity,” says Rodolfo Lomascolo, CEO and co-founder of Pervasive Technologies.

The solution can be purchased pre-installed on Arrow Electronics servers through its website.

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Pervasive Technologies improve safety with AI

How does Artificial Intelligence improve safety in industrial environments?

Prevent accidents and even save lives. These are the things that Artificial Intelligence can do for us when we incorporate it into industrial environments and manage to adapt it to their diverse needs.

In 2019 alone, a total of 650,602 occupational accidents with sick leave were recorded in Spain. A significant bulk of this figure is made up of those occurring in the manufacturing industry, vehicle repair, construction, hospitality and transport and storage sectors.

In these environments, it is a priority to pay attention to the correct use of protective equipment, as non-compliance poses a risk to the lives of employees and can lead to serious legal problems for the organization.

Common sense and the law make it mandatory to maximize and control prevention thoroughly and constantly. It is the job of supervisors to check compliance at all times. Manually verifying that PPE is being used correctly and continuously is an arduous task that mobilizes company resources and opens the door to human error.

This is where applying Artificial Intelligence is a major advantage. There are applications that, through a combination of advanced analytics and machine learning applied to image processing, recognize whether employees are wearing protective equipment correctly. An example of this is our Workplace Safety – PPE Detection solution. AI is also capable of detecting possible non-compliance in real time.

These solutions can make use of the video cameras that companies often have to monitor their facilities in real time. Based on the information obtained from them, non-compliance and risks can be detected automatically, and reports can be drawn up to help refine PPE policy. Processing and recording units in access areas greatly reduce the time supervisors spend visually inspecting and improve the auditing process.

When choosing an AI solution, its ability to connect with other applications is important, for example, in case of an alarm, to trigger actions in other systems.

We can conclude that AI and real-time data processing can improve safety in work environments and boost productivity.

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Pervasive Technologies Seleccionada Bind 4.0

Pervasive Technologies selected as Bind 4.0 participant for its AI solutions for industry

  • The Spanish company is among the 31 companies selected by the acceleration program.
  • Its AI solutions project stood out among 750 applications from 73 countries.
  • This 5th edition of the event had 37% more applications than last year.

The Spanish company Pervasive Technologies is one of the 31 innovative companies selected in the 5th edition of Bind 4.0, an international acceleration program organized by the Basque Government to promote the best startups that offer technological solutions for Industry 4.0, from big data and collaborative robotics to IoT and virtual reality.

Pervasive Technologies has presented to the program its solutions for the industry: detection of protective equipment (PPE), automatic reading and extraction of information from images or texts (ICR) and solutions for the steel sector as scrap classification (Scrap Classification), truck load detection at entrances and exits of enclosures or identification of hydrocarbon leaks to minimize risks. Thanks to being selected, the company will be able to develop its projects together with one of the platform’s corporate organizations.

The 57 companies promoting this initiative, belonging to different sectors of industry, energy, food and health based in the Basque Country, have analyzed up to 750 applications from 73 different countries, 37% more than last year, awarding the prize of participating in the program to 22 Spanish and 9 international companies. Technological innovation applied to improving processes, services and products has been taken into account.

Bind 4.0 promotes the startup and growth of companies, putting selected startups in contact with large companies interested in their developments.

In addition to AI, the majority technologies of the projects have been IoT and artificial vision -62% of the selected solutions-, followed by others such as robotics, cybersecurity or blockchain. According to data from Bind 4.0, 70 % of the startups continue working with the companies involved once this initial contract has ended.

Thanks to projects like this one, Pervasive Technologies will be able to continue with its goal of digitally transforming companies through cutting-edge AI to face the technological revolution we are currently experiencing.

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Pervasive Technologies - Geprom Image

Pervasive Technologies forms alliance with Geprom to develop Artificial Intelligence and advanced analytics initiatives in Industry 4.0

  • The agreement allows to enhance the proposal of both companies in the connected industry through the combination of the latest MES/MOM technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Big Data.
  • The combined work between the two companies will enable the development of advanced solutions in the areas of production control and planning, logistics, maintenance and quality.

Pervasive Technologies, an Artificial Intelligence solutions company, has signed a strategic agreement with Geprom, an engineering company specialized in industrial automation and digital transformation, for the combined development of projects designed to optimize processes and maximize productivity in Smart Factory environments.

The collection of real-time information from data generated in industrial and logistics processes in MES/MOM (Manufacturing Execution System / Manufacturing Operations Management), WMS (Warehouse Management System), QMS (Quality Management System) and CMMS (Computer Maintenance Management System) platforms allows to make decisions and manage all critical processes instantly, ensure product quality, control internal and external logistics processes and plan and schedule industrial activities.

All the information from the factory generates millions of real-time information data that, collected in the platforms, also allow advanced analytics, applying all the capabilities of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in a predictive way through Machine Learning and Deep Learning technologies. The combined solutions developed by Geprom and Pervasive Technologies make it easier to obtain more intelligent systems, which represent a leap in process efficiency, achieving cost reduction and further support for the creation of process simulations, digital twins and predictive maintenance.

The fusion of the technologies of both companies allows to provide an integral solution in the main industrial sectors, both in SMEs and in large multinational companies and logistics centers.

“Allying with a partner of the prestige and accumulated knowledge of the stature of Geprom marks a turning point in our development. We believe that this is a union from which both companies can benefit greatly and, above all, we can help our customers to optimize their industrial processes” says Rodolfo Lomascolo, co-founder and CEO of Pervasive Technologies.

For his part, Dario Cesena, CEO of Geprom, explains that “with this collaboration agreement we continue to move forward to offer a differential value proposition in the market, so that companies have a wide range of solutions, from the comprehensive management of their processes to the advanced analytics of millions of data generated in production processes”.

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