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Albert Climent Pervasive Technologies CTO

Albert Climent, new Chief Technologyl Officer (CTO) of Pervasive Technologies

The company promotes this partner after having held the position of Chief Data Scientist (CDS).

Pervasive Technologies, a company specialized in the development of Artificial Intelligence solutions, appoints its Chief Data Scientist (CDS) and partner, Albert Climent Bigas, as Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Climent, originally from Vic (Barcelona), has a degree in Physics from the Universitat de Barcelona and a Master’s degree in Automatic and Robotics Control from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). His Master’s thesis was presented at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland.

He began his professional career in consulting, working as Data Analyst in robotics, IA and Big Data projects. He continued his training in the Artificial Intelligence fields of salesforce, SQL and tensorflow, among others, until he joined Pervasive Technologies project four years ago. He decided to join the team because of its interesting proposal and the sectors in which the company works. At the beginning, Climent began by assuming the management of the Data Scientist team, gradually adding front-end developers and other profiles to the technical team.

Climent has been a professor of the MEBDS Master at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) for three years.

The main objective of his new functions will be to lead and organize the technical team of the company, to maintain continuous innovation and project development management.

It will also drive technological innovation and incorporate new technologies and devices into project processes and future products, and study new hardware to apply to the most complex challenges. Likewise, it will bring to the company new work methodologies with the purpose of optimizing the processes and solutions of the clients, putting the focus on the fulfillment of their objectives.

Together with its team, Climent aims to achieve success in every project, following the company’s initial purpose of creating Artificial Intelligence products that help and facilitate the day-to-day life of people and companies. For Climent “the position is an exciting responsibility. I intend to keep growing the team, as well as its knowledge, in order to continue building the present and future of Pervasive Technologies as a leading company in AI solutions for day-to-day challenges”.


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Pervasive Technologies joins Kron Analytics

Companies will develop Artificial Intelligence solutions to optimize business processes in different sectors

Pervasive Technologies, a company specialized in the development of Artificial Intelligence solutions, announces its alliance with Kron Analytics, a business intelligence platform that transforms data into useful information in real time.

Kron Analytics was born from the need of companies to integrate different types of video surveillance algorithms, as well as any type of data. Currently, this tool, which integrates multiple technologies and information sources, is essential for those responsible of marketing, security, finance, operations or maintenance, as it provides critical data for decision making, improving efficiency and cost savings.

This BI (Business Intelligence) platform allows the distribution of solutions for retail, industrial and smart cities sectors, which are adapted to the particularities of each project and client. Some of them are business intelligence, industrial process monitoring, traffic management, license plate reading through video analysis or prevention of laboral risks. All this with the aim of improving productivity through control and data management.

Through this union, Pervasive Technologies and Kron Analytics will be able to offer companies indicators of their performance, with which they will discover and analyze the Big Data.

This collaboration will also allow companies to organize and manage their resources (cameras, reports, points of sale, users…) effectively and online, since they will be able to comfortably and quickly manage all their data and make reports when necessary, indicating what information to see and how to present it.

“Today more than ever, companies are looking for speed and productivity, and technology is key to achieving their goals. They all have a large amount of data, but they don’t know how to take advantage of it,” says Rodolfo Lomascolo, co-founder and CEO of Pervasive Technologies. “We believe that this alliance with Kron Analytics will be a turning point for both companies, as we will be able to be closer to the companies, offering them a comprehensive service for their digital transformation”.

For his part, Iban Barbanoj, Business Developer Manager (BDM) of Kron Analytics, states that “as we all know, we are in the information age. But in order for this not to turn into disinformation, it is necessary to treat all the data we collect in an appropriate manner, give it the necessary format and extract from it the fundamental conclusions so that it can be of great benefit to companies, which can maintain themselves in very competitive positions if they carry out this task in a professional manner. Therefore, it is a pleasure for us to join Pervasive Technologies, as both companies pursue a common goal.

From today, Pervasive Technologies and Kron Analytics work together to optimize the companies’ processes.

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Elisenda Martí Pervasive Technologies Project Manager

Elisenda Martí Cucurella joins Pervasive Technologies as Project Manager

The professional arrives at this position after her time as a student of the Executive Master’s in Big Data Science at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC)

Pervasive Technologies, a company specialised in the development of Artificial Intelligence solutions, grows with the incorporation of Elisenda Martí Cucurella as Project Manager. The Project Development department will now have a professional of renowned prestige, who will be in charge of managing and coordinating the team of each project.

Martí has reached this position after graduating as a technical engineer in industrial design and having studied the Executive Master’s Degree in Big Data Science at the UIC.

The new member of Pervasive Technologies has an extensive professional career in the industrial sector and is a specialist in product development, from the beginning of the process and management of the idea to the assembly of the first series. He started in the production and 3D design environment, to later dedicate himself to the direct management of the product development.

She has supervised the assembly control and has been a production and product approval engineer for different countries. Over the last two years she has maintained technical contact with all areas of the company in her pre-sales technical service role.

The Pervasive Technologies team welcomes this appointment, as “we put all our trust in her, because we are sure that her experience and talent will contribute to the growth of the company”, says Rodolfo Lomascolo, co-founder and CEO of Pervasive Technologies.

For Martí, “Pervasive Technologies has given me a great opportunity, as this is a decisive moment in the development and evolution of AI, which can be applied in almost all industries to speed up and optimise processes. I want to be part of the digital transformation we are promoting”.


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Pervasive Technologies Master UIC Big Data Science

Pervasive Technologies participates in the new edition of Executive Master in Big Data Science at UIC

Pervasive Technologies, a company specialized in predictive solutions of Artificial Intelligence (AI), joins one more year the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) to offer the Executive Master in Big Data Science. Big Data Scientist’s position is among the so-called ‘professions of the future’, which is why the company has decided to once again invest in training in this field. A position that is in high demand, without doubt, in these new times, as these are professionals who are experts in new areas of knowledge becoming more and more widespread and necessary.

The master’s degree is addressed to professionals who want to go deeper into the fields of Big Data and advanced analytics, two clear trends worldwide. It has been designed with the aim of training professionals capable of making decisions by working with a large volume of data, thanks to advanced analytical techniques, both predictive and prescriptive. Among the subjects to be covered are machine learning, data mining and programming languages.

Companies in almost any sector were already immersed in profound technological changes in recent years, but now more than ever, so this field has become an opportunity for constant improvement thanks to Big Data. These technologies, which allow data to be processed in an appropriate manner, can provide companies with numerous benefits: automation, greater efficiency, robotisation, rapid reaction, prevention, etc., which translates into improvements in the quality of services. They also serve to reduce companies’ CO2 levels and thus help to care for the environment. It is worth mentioning that this is the first time that such advanced technology is available not only to large organisations, but also to SMEs.

The registration period for the course, which will start this month, is still open.

The opening session of the Master’s took place last Friday, 2 October, where the programme and teachers were presented to the new students. Rodolfo Lomascolo, Pervasive Technologies CEO and professor of the master’s degree, stated that “once again we are very satisfied with the participation of Pervasive Technologies in the UIC master’s degree, a programme that has already generated dozens of top-level professionals in the technology sector and specifically in Big Data Science”.

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Pervasive Technlogies at Embedded World 2020 with Adlink Technology

Pervasive Technologies at Embedded World Exhibition 2020

The Embedded World Exhibition and Conference will be held in Nuremberg, Germany, between the days 25 and 28 of February. As a leading international world fair with the focus exclusively on embedded technologies, many companies and professionals will attend this event to show and learn the new trends in the field of Artificial Intelligence or Edge Technology.

Embedded World Exhibition will take place at the Exhibition Centre of Nuremberg, Germany, where for three days the exhibitors are going to be showcasing their latest solutions and products that will mark the new steps into the future of embedded systems.

Pervasive Technologies will be present at Embedded World 2020 with our partner Adlink Technology exhibiting industrial-related AI Vision solutions. You can find us in Hall 10 – Booth 540.

We will be showcasing industrial-related solutions such as Heureka PPE, an AI Vision solution based on personal protective equipment automatic recognition through images or video in real-time that allows increasing safety in any work environment that requires personal protection.

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El futuro del Sector Energético, con Pervasive Technologies, Google y ATOS

“AI in Motion: Energy Sector”, event with Google Cloud and Atos

The event on the future of the Energy Sector

On October 9th, the event “AI in the motion: Energy Sector” will take place, an event organized by Atos, Google Cloud and Pervasive Technologies jointly.

It will take place at the ATOS Business Technology and Innovation Center in Madrid, at number 2 of Paseo Doce Estrellas.

There will be several presentations on the subject of the application of Artificial Intelligence in the energy sector, one for each company that co-organizes the event:

Celestino Güemes, from Atos, will present in his conference content related to “AI in the edge”, while José Manuel García, from Google, will talk about “Machine Learning for everyone, Energy examples” to know how the usefulness of Artificial Intelligence technologies are changing the ways of working in the sector.

Finally, Salvador Marimón, director of Pervasive Technologies, will present the issue of “AI business value” in which he will show us different purposes and uses of AI to optimize and improve business, including in the energy sector.

We will also find at the disposal of those present a series of demos so that they can observe first-hand the different solutions that are being implemented in this sector.

AI in Motion Agenda: Energy Sector

09:00 – Reception and welcome coffee
09:30 – Presentation
09:40 – AI in the edge. Celestino Güemes. Atos
10:00 – ML for everyone, Energy examples. José Manuel García. Google Cloud
10:20 – AI Business Values. Salvador Marimón. Pervasive Technologies
10:40 – Break
11:00 – AI on live: Detección de EPI’s, Satellite Asset Monitoring y ICR
11:30 – Closing

AI in Motion Demo Circuit

  • Digital Twin: Real-time monitoring and failure prediction for wind turbines using AI and digital twins.
  • PPE Detectoion: Compliance audit of the use of Personal Protection Equipment through AI applied to Images and Videos.
  • Satellite Asset Monitoring: Audit and control of Assets through AI applied to Satellite Images.
  • ICR – Intelligent Character Recognizition: Identifying and extracting content from document images, for their structuring, classification and analysis.
  • Automatic defect inspection of solar farms with AI: Identification and classification of defects of panels in solar farms, using thermographies acquired by means of drones and artificial vision IA models.
  • Revenue Protection: AI and ML applied to Non-Technical Loss Detection in Distribution Networks.
  • Reconocimiento automático de acciones usando vídeo: Intelligent alarm control by detecting actions in selected areas using AI.
  • AI-Powered customer service: Transforming customer service through artificial intelligence: RPA and voicebots.
  • E-Fly: Edge- enabled Flying Inspector: Infrastructure inspection platform using UAVs or other aerial means, applying Deep Learning techniques.
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NVIDIA y Pervasive Technologies, desarrollando soluciones con IA

NVIDIA and the development of solutions with Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Who is and what do NVIDIA?

Nvidia is the leader in GPU (graphics processing unit) accelerated computing and one of the pioneers and most involved in the development of artificial intelligence to optimize all kinds of processes.

Working with its Jetson devices (integrated graphics cards), allows AI companies to improve the deep learning processes and the automation of their solutions, giving a boost to the growth of IoT and Artificial Intelligence.

These Jetson devices, designed to operate autonomously, are widely used in Pervasive, providing the performance and energy efficiency needed to run our AI modules in an optimal way.

Pervasive Technologies and its relationship with Nvidia

Pervasive Technologies is an innovative company specialized in building predictive solutions through the use of advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning technologies for different sectors, seeking to optimize their processes and improve business benefits.

Pervasive and NVIDIA are working closely as partners to develop the future of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. Pervasive is a participant in the Nvidia Inception program, a platform that provides resources to exceptional AI companies that are revolutionising the data science industry.

The Inception initiative is a virtual accelerator that helps the development and prototyping of products or solutions and their implementation and start up during their critical stages.

At Pervasive Technologies we use different models of Jetson devices to implement our products and solutions thanks to their high performance and energy efficiency. Jetson devices are an unbeatable ally when it comes to enhancing everything related to Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.

For example, some of the Jetson used by Pervasive for its business solutions are:

  • Jetson Nano: Thanks to its high performance and energy efficiency, it allows to run multiple neural networks in parallel and process high-resolution sensor data simultaneously. This device is a perfect choice for adding advanced AI to any solution.
  • Jetson TX2: With a superior performance, almost double, that the Nano, we can find it in three versions: Jetson TX2 (8GB), Jetson TX2i, and the new Jetson TX2 of 4GB.
  • Jetson AGX Xavier: The first GPU device designed specifically for standalone machines, it features six processing units to process sensor data and run advanced AI models, delivering high performance and energy efficiency.

Actions of the partnership

Keeping a partner relationship that flows benefiting both companies, both Nvidia and Pervasive Technologies have carried out several joint actions.

In October last year, Pervasive was invited by NVIDIA to the Nvidia GTC Europe event in Munich, the brand’s premier event on Artificial Intelligence and one of the largest in Europe.

In this important meeting we held a conference by our Chief Data Science, Albert Climent, on the uses of Deep Learning in the retail sector to maximize actions that boost profits at the point of sale. In addition, a computer graphic about Pervasive Technologies’ solution was exhibited during all the days of the congress.

AI Solutions with NVIDIA

Thanks to Nvidia’s Jetson, we have been able to create several solutions to improve industrial processes:

  • PPE Detection

This solution allows to analyze in a fast, easy and automated way if the compliance of the use of the Personal Protection Equipment is correct in industries such as construction, energy or pharmaceutical among others.

  • Intelligent Character Recognition

Solution that allows the recognition of texts and codes in industrial environments or of great difficulty for Manufacturing, Logistics, Pharmacy and Chemistry.

  • Object/Subject Detection and Classification

We can locate and count people, vehicles, pallets, products on shelves, industrial parts, all to improve processes in different industries, in Retail or in Smart Cities.

  • Gender and Age Detection

From images or videos we can detect gender, age and even attitude of any individual with high precision.

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Pervasive Technologies participa en NVIDIA GTC Europe

This was Pervasive Technologies’ participation in NVIDIA GTC Europe

How was the NVIDIA event?

On October 9, 10, and 11, Pervasive Technologies had the opportunity to be present at NVIDIA Europe GTC 2018, the most important summit on Artificial Intelligence in Europe, held this year in Munich, Germany.

Pervasive Technologies was selected to actively participate in the event with one of its most outstanding projects last year, focused on the application of Deep Learning in the Retail sector.

Our Chief Data Scientist Albert Climent was there to give a lecture on the project to all the attendees. Likewise, some selected projects were also exposed through a large infographic so that everyone could enjoy a written explanation during the days of the event.

We had the opportunity to hear Albert Climent, Pervasive’s representative at NVIDIA Europe GTC, tell us what it was like to participate in this experience first hand.

Interview with Albert Climent, Chief Data Scientist of PervasiveTechnologies

Q: What were your impressions of the NVIDIA GTC event?

A: The event was well organized, starting with a talk by NVIDIA CEO and co-founder Jensen Huang showing what’s new, focused on three blocks: Autonomous Drive, Real Time Light Rendering, and a new module aimed at developing Deep Learning and Machine Learning models.

There were many talks, oriented both to people with technical profiles and to more business-oriented profiles. Some talks were very interesting, although attending all of them was impossible.

Q: What theme or trend was the protagonist of the event?

A: The main theme of the event was autonomous vehicles, from children’s coaches to racing cars, including trucks and cars for daily use. Deep Learning technologies will not only allow for autonomous cars, but also add safety systems to existing cars. For example, identifying driver fatigue and warning them to avoid accidents.

Q: What do these types of events contribute to Artificial Intelligence Startups?

A: These types of events provide vision of new technologies, allow you to find business opportunities, seek funding and cooperation for new products and solutions.

Q: Which lecture did you find most interesting and why?

A: At a particular level and knowing the cost for the generation of Datasets, I opt for the talk “Object Detection Training: An Online Learning Pipeline for Humanoid Robots”, where a robot was trained to locate and detect new objects in a very short time.

Q: What was the space for the posters like and what was their function?

A: The space was a little bit reduced and the truth is that not many people stopped there as it was more of a transit area. Even so, on the first day in the afternoon we were invited to be near the posters to resolve doubts or to give talks about the posters in this area.

Pervasive Technologies and the next editions of the event

Q: What did participating in NVIDIA Europe GTC mean to you personally?

A: I think it is an enriching experience on a personal level. To be able to understand the speed at which technology evolves giving solutions that were unimaginable until now and allows the mind to imagine the future. In addition, it is very satisfying to be able to expose and defend the work done by the team.

Q: Do you recommend both attending and participating?

A: I think I would recommend more participation than assisting those who want to expose their solutions to the world. Still, being able to attend also helps to see what others are doing, to learn about jobs and technologies applicable in our sector.

Q: Would you repeat in the next edition?

A: Without hesitation. Having a space to present success stories based on cutting-edge technologies while learning about other approaches and solutions is very enriching.

Q: Any anecdotes?

A: There were two curious points: an ice cream shop and a popcorn shop with flavors (caramel, wasabi, coffee, apple,…), but the surprising thing happened on the last day, when the event closed. There was a truck at the entrance, without a cabin or driver, totally autonomous. To remove it they used a radio control, as if it were a toy. The problem came when they wanted to put it on a trailer of a truck with a driver to take it away: the toy didn’t have enough strength to get on the platform and they needed about a dozen people to push it. A whole odyssey of new technologies.

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Pervasive Technologies llega a Madrid con oficina en la capital

Pervasive Technologies opens a new office in Madrid

Pervasive Technologies expands to the capital

Pervasive Technologies, a Spanish Artificial Intelligence company, continues to grow. As an example of this, in the last quarter of 2018, Pervasive Technologies opens an office in Madrid and, in this way, the company whose headquarters are in Barcelona already has physical presence in the two cities with the biggest market in Spain.

Pervasive Technologies’ office in Madrid is located in the central Paseo de la Castellana, at number 200, very close to the Plaza de Castilla area, one of the most outstanding business areas in Spain.

The contact telephone number of Pervasive Technologies in Madrid is (+34) 91 904 71 27.

By public transport:

– Metro: Cuzco (línea 10) o Plaza Castilla (líneas 1, 9, 10)

– Bus: Linea 5: Chamartin, 27: Plaza Castilla
Linea 147: Barrio del Pilar
N22: Barrio del Pilar
N24: Las Tablas

– Cercanías Renfe: Chamartín

Pervasive Technologies is an innovative company specialized in the construction of predictive solutions using advanced systems of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. These solutions are applicable to companies in sectors such as: Retail, E-commerce, Energy, Industry, Banking and Insurance, Telecommunications or Agriculture, among others. It has Google Cloud Platform among its main technological partners.

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Pervasive Technologies exhibe su infografía

Pervasive Technologies’ infographic will be exhibited at NVIDIA GTC Europe

Pervasive Technologies’ poster on Deep Learning in Retail has been selected for display at the upcoming NVIDIA GTC Europe on October 9, 10, and 11 in Munich, Germany. The Spanish company of Artificial Intelligence has been selected to exhibit a poster about one of its main projects last year together with the company Boira Digital.

All attendees will be able to enjoy conferences, learning and networking with professionals from all over the world in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Pervasive Technologies, as a partner of this company, did not want to miss the meeting and the event of NVIDIA GTC Europe . The company, based in Barcelona, was one of the companies selected with one of its most outstanding success stories of the past year to be exhibited at the event.

The poster explains through a computer graphic how Pervasive Technologies, together with Boira Digital, implemented Deep Learning technology to make a check out process equipped with Artificial Intelligence in the restaurants of the Nostrum chain. In this way, a real need of the establishment was solved, speeding up the payment process by means of an intelligent automatic box, capable of recognizing the products and their price. Furthermore, as it is connected to a mobile App, payment can be made directly with the Smartphone.

Pervasive Technologies is an innovative company specialized in the construction of predictive solutions using advanced systems of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. These solutions are applicable to companies in sectors such as: Retail, e-commerce, energy, manufacturing, banking and insurance, telecommunications and agriculture, among others.

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