Pervasive Technologies joins NVIDIA partner program for deep learning solution development

With this partnership, the Spanish company boosts its intelligent video analysis products for PPE auditing, scrap classification and ICR.

Pervasive Technologies, a Spanish company that creates Artificial Intelligence solutions, has announced its entry into the Metropolis program of NVDIA, a company specialized in GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) accelerated computing. Thanks to this partnership, Pervasive will be able to use the Metropolis platform, dedicated to video analytics in the cloud. The platform enables the creation, deployment and scaling of IoT applications and complete solutions for video capture, processing, storage and visualization from the edge to the cloud.

Metropolis offers resources, such as integrated graphics cards that provide the performance and energy efficiency required for artificial intelligence image detection and visualization to work optimally.

Partners can also gain access to products that accelerate application development time and performance and deep learning solutions.

“Pervasive Technologies is proud to join this platform and become a technology partner of NVIDIA, a pioneer and one of the most involved companies in the development of Artificial Intelligence,” said Rodolfo Lomascolo, CEO and co-founder of Pervasive Technologies.

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