Pervasive Technologies and Arrow partnership

Pervasive Technologies and Arrow Electronics move towards total workplace security

  • Both companies announce the optimal performance and compatibility of their systems, which represents a giant step forward in technology at the service of workplace safety.
  • The union between Arrow Electronics’ devices and Pervasive Technologies’ PPE detection solution makes it possible to optimally manage up to 80 cameras in parallel from a single server.

Pervasive Technologies, leader in the application of Artificial Intelligence solutions through image detection, and Arrow Electronics, an expert in servers specially designed for AI, have successfully completed extensive compatibility and performance testing of the Workplace Safety solution on Arrow’s A2 and A3 servers, improving efficiency, speed and control in the detection of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Using NVIDIA RTX 4000 GPUs, the companies have achieved an unprecedented level of automation in recognizing, auditing and testing the protective equipment that operators must wear to ensure their safety in the workspace. Arrow and NVIDIA devices ensure that all of these processes are performed with the appropriate accuracy and speed of image processing.

Tests have concluded that the reliability and responsiveness of the model have been rated as optimal by both partners, as well as ensuring adaptability to the needs of each installation, with the ability to integrate with existing cameras and video management software. In turn, the solution allows for indoor and outdoor installation, the control of up to 80 cameras from a single server, the creation of customized attention areas for each business and the configuration of alarms in the event of an incorrect arrangement of PPEs.

In 2019, the National Institute for Safety and Health at Work (INSST) recorded a total of 650,602 occupational accidents with sick leave in Spain. A large part of them took place in the manufacturing, construction, hospitality, transportation and warehousing sectors and were related to the incorrect use of PPE.

“Pervasive Technologies strongly believes that the implementation of AI adapted to each work environment will significantly reduce these figures. Our partnership with Arrow Electronics will help companies create a safe environment for workers and boost their business productivity,” says Rodolfo Lomascolo, CEO and co-founder of Pervasive Technologies.

The solution can be purchased pre-installed on Arrow Electronics servers through its website.

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