Pervasive Technologies Certificado Innovación Tecnológica

Pervasive Technologies receives the Certificate of Technological Innovation

Title awarded by Agencia de Certificación en Innovación Española (ACIE)

Pervasive Technologies, a company specialized in the development of Artificial Intelligence solutions, has recived the Technological Innovation Certificate (IT) from Agencia de Certificación en Innovación Española (ACIE) for its project ‘Development of the Heureka AI platform’.

Pervasive’s project, launched in early 2019, has been applied, for the time being, to the retail and industrial sectors. Thanks to it, companies can use their video cameras and the images of their operations to constantly monitor areas of interest (people in motion, vehicles, products…). By this way, processable information is obtained in real time and reports can then be produced to optimize processes and operations. All this is possible thanks to the combination of Advanced Analytics and Deep Learning, as well as a correct use of the Big Data collected.

These cameras become a source of operational intelligence and make it possible to measure values such as the distance between workers, the correct placement of the protective uniform, the capacity of a room, etc., which currently serves to comply with the health measures established by the Government.

“For us, it is essential to have this certification, as it ensures that we can realize our main objective: to create Artificial Intelligence products that facilitate the daily life of people and companies. A support that in the current context is more necessary than ever”, says Rodolfo Lomascolo, co-founder and CEO of Pervasive Technologies. “We will continue working with the highest quality in all our projects to offer the best possible service and make technology a great ally for the companies”.

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