Albert Climent Pervasive Technologies CTO

Albert Climent, new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Pervasive Technologies

The company promotes this partner after having held the position of Chief Data Scientist (CDS).

Pervasive Technologies, a company specialized in the development of Artificial Intelligence solutions, appoints its Chief Data Scientist (CDS) and partner, Albert Climent Bigas, as Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

Climent, originally from Vic (Barcelona), has a degree in Physics from the Universitat de Barcelona and a Master’s degree in Automatic and Robotics Control from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). His Master’s thesis was presented at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland.

He began his professional career in consulting, working as Data Analyst in robotics, IA and Big Data projects. He continued his training in the Artificial Intelligence fields of salesforce, SQL and tensorflow, among others, until he joined Pervasive Technologies project four years ago. He decided to join the team because of its interesting proposal and the sectors in which the company works. At the beginning, Climent began by assuming the management of the Data Scientist team, gradually adding front-end developers and other profiles to the technical team.

Climent has been a professor of the MEBDS Master at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) for three years.

The main objective of his new functions will be to lead and organize the technical team of the company, to maintain continuous innovation and project development management.

It will also drive technological innovation and incorporate new technologies and devices into project processes and future products, and study new hardware to apply to the most complex challenges. Likewise, it will bring to the company new work methodologies with the purpose of optimizing the processes and solutions of the clients, putting the focus on the fulfillment of their objectives.

Together with its team, Climent aims to achieve success in every project, following the company’s initial purpose of creating Artificial Intelligence products that help and facilitate the day-to-day life of people and companies. For Climent “the position is an exciting responsibility. I intend to keep growing the team, as well as its knowledge, in order to continue building the present and future of Pervasive Technologies as a leading company in AI solutions for day-to-day challenges”.


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