Pervasive Technologies joins Kron Analytics

Companies will develop Artificial Intelligence solutions to optimize business processes in different sectors

Pervasive Technologies, a company specialized in the development of Artificial Intelligence solutions, announces its alliance with Kron Analytics, a business intelligence platform that transforms data into useful information in real time.

Kron Analytics was born from the need of companies to integrate different types of video surveillance algorithms, as well as any type of data. Currently, this tool, which integrates multiple technologies and information sources, is essential for those responsible of marketing, security, finance, operations or maintenance, as it provides critical data for decision making, improving efficiency and cost savings.

This BI (Business Intelligence) platform allows the distribution of solutions for retail, industrial and smart cities sectors, which are adapted to the particularities of each project and client. Some of them are business intelligence, industrial process monitoring, traffic management, license plate reading through video analysis or prevention of laboral risks. All this with the aim of improving productivity through control and data management.

Through this union, Pervasive Technologies and Kron Analytics will be able to offer companies indicators of their performance, with which they will discover and analyze the Big Data.

This collaboration will also allow companies to organize and manage their resources (cameras, reports, points of sale, users…) effectively and online, since they will be able to comfortably and quickly manage all their data and make reports when necessary, indicating what information to see and how to present it.

“Today more than ever, companies are looking for speed and productivity, and technology is key to achieving their goals. They all have a large amount of data, but they don’t know how to take advantage of it,” says Rodolfo Lomascolo, co-founder and CEO of Pervasive Technologies. “We believe that this alliance with Kron Analytics will be a turning point for both companies, as we will be able to be closer to the companies, offering them a comprehensive service for their digital transformation”.

For his part, Iban Barbanoj, Business Developer Manager (BDM) of Kron Analytics, states that “as we all know, we are in the information age. But in order for this not to turn into disinformation, it is necessary to treat all the data we collect in an appropriate manner, give it the necessary format and extract from it the fundamental conclusions so that it can be of great benefit to companies, which can maintain themselves in very competitive positions if they carry out this task in a professional manner. Therefore, it is a pleasure for us to join Pervasive Technologies, as both companies pursue a common goal.

From today, Pervasive Technologies and Kron Analytics work together to optimize the companies’ processes.

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