El futuro del Sector Energético, con Pervasive Technologies, Google y ATOS

“AI in Motion: Energy Sector”, event with Google Cloud and Atos

The event on the future of the Energy Sector

On October 9th, the event “AI in the motion: Energy Sector” will take place, an event organized by Atos, Google Cloud and Pervasive Technologies jointly.

It will take place at the ATOS Business Technology and Innovation Center in Madrid, at number 2 of Paseo Doce Estrellas.

There will be several presentations on the subject of the application of Artificial Intelligence in the energy sector, one for each company that co-organizes the event:

Celestino Güemes, from Atos, will present in his conference content related to “AI in the edge”, while José Manuel García, from Google, will talk about “Machine Learning for everyone, Energy examples” to know how the usefulness of Artificial Intelligence technologies are changing the ways of working in the sector.

Finally, Salvador Marimón, director of Pervasive Technologies, will present the issue of “AI business value” in which he will show us different purposes and uses of AI to optimize and improve business, including in the energy sector.

We will also find at the disposal of those present a series of demos so that they can observe first-hand the different solutions that are being implemented in this sector.

AI in Motion Agenda: Energy Sector

09:00 – Reception and welcome coffee
09:30 – Presentation
09:40 – AI in the edge. Celestino Güemes. Atos
10:00 – ML for everyone, Energy examples. José Manuel García. Google Cloud
10:20 – AI Business Values. Salvador Marimón. Pervasive Technologies
10:40 – Break
11:00 – AI on live: Detección de EPI’s, Satellite Asset Monitoring y ICR
11:30 – Closing

AI in Motion Demo Circuit

  • Digital Twin: Real-time monitoring and failure prediction for wind turbines using AI and digital twins.
  • PPE Detectoion: Compliance audit of the use of Personal Protection Equipment through AI applied to Images and Videos.
  • Satellite Asset Monitoring: Audit and control of Assets through AI applied to Satellite Images.
  • ICR – Intelligent Character Recognizition: Identifying and extracting content from document images, for their structuring, classification and analysis.
  • Automatic defect inspection of solar farms with AI: Identification and classification of defects of panels in solar farms, using thermographies acquired by means of drones and artificial vision IA models.
  • Revenue Protection: AI and ML applied to Non-Technical Loss Detection in Distribution Networks.
  • Reconocimiento automático de acciones usando vídeo: Intelligent alarm control by detecting actions in selected areas using AI.
  • AI-Powered customer service: Transforming customer service through artificial intelligence: RPA and voicebots.
  • E-Fly: Edge- enabled Flying Inspector: Infrastructure inspection platform using UAVs or other aerial means, applying Deep Learning techniques.
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