NVIDIA y Pervasive Technologies, desarrollando soluciones con IA

NVIDIA and the development of solutions with Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Who is and what do NVIDIA?

Nvidia is the leader in GPU (graphics processing unit) accelerated computing and one of the pioneers and most involved in the development of artificial intelligence to optimize all kinds of processes.

Working with its Jetson devices (integrated graphics cards), allows AI companies to improve the deep learning processes and the automation of their solutions, giving a boost to the growth of IoT and Artificial Intelligence.

These Jetson devices, designed to operate autonomously, are widely used in Pervasive, providing the performance and energy efficiency needed to run our AI modules in an optimal way.

Pervasive Technologies and its relationship with Nvidia

Pervasive Technologies is an innovative company specialized in building predictive solutions through the use of advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning technologies for different sectors, seeking to optimize their processes and improve business benefits.

Pervasive and NVIDIA are working closely as partners to develop the future of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. Pervasive is a participant in the Nvidia Inception program, a platform that provides resources to exceptional AI companies that are revolutionising the data science industry.

The Inception initiative is a virtual accelerator that helps the development and prototyping of products or solutions and their implementation and start up during their critical stages.

At Pervasive Technologies we use different models of Jetson devices to implement our products and solutions thanks to their high performance and energy efficiency. Jetson devices are an unbeatable ally when it comes to enhancing everything related to Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.

For example, some of the Jetson used by Pervasive for its business solutions are:

  • Jetson Nano: Thanks to its high performance and energy efficiency, it allows to run multiple neural networks in parallel and process high-resolution sensor data simultaneously. This device is a perfect choice for adding advanced AI to any solution.
  • Jetson TX2: With a superior performance, almost double, that the Nano, we can find it in three versions: Jetson TX2 (8GB), Jetson TX2i, and the new Jetson TX2 of 4GB.
  • Jetson AGX Xavier: The first GPU device designed specifically for standalone machines, it features six processing units to process sensor data and run advanced AI models, delivering high performance and energy efficiency.

Actions of the partnership

Keeping a partner relationship that flows benefiting both companies, both Nvidia and Pervasive Technologies have carried out several joint actions.

In October last year, Pervasive was invited by NVIDIA to the Nvidia GTC Europe event in Munich, the brand’s premier event on Artificial Intelligence and one of the largest in Europe.

In this important meeting we held a conference by our Chief Data Science, Albert Climent, on the uses of Deep Learning in the retail sector to maximize actions that boost profits at the point of sale. In addition, a computer graphic about Pervasive Technologies’ solution was exhibited during all the days of the congress.

AI Solutions with NVIDIA

Thanks to Nvidia’s Jetson, we have been able to create several solutions to improve industrial processes:

  • PPE Detection

This solution allows to analyze in a fast, easy and automated way if the compliance of the use of the Personal Protection Equipment is correct in industries such as construction, energy or pharmaceutical among others.

  • Intelligent Character Recognition

Solution that allows the recognition of texts and codes in industrial environments or of great difficulty for Manufacturing, Logistics, Pharmacy and Chemistry.

  • Object/Subject Detection and Classification

We can locate and count people, vehicles, pallets, products on shelves, industrial parts, all to improve processes in different industries, in Retail or in Smart Cities.

  • Gender and Age Detection

From images or videos we can detect gender, age and even attitude of any individual with high precision.

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