Pervasive Technologies exhibe su infografía

Pervasive Technologies’ infographic will be exhibited at NVIDIA GTC Europe

Pervasive Technologies’ poster on Deep Learning in Retail has been selected for display at the upcoming NVIDIA GTC Europe on October 9, 10, and 11 in Munich, Germany. The Spanish company of Artificial Intelligence has been selected to exhibit a poster about one of its main projects last year together with the company Boira Digital.

All attendees will be able to enjoy conferences, learning and networking with professionals from all over the world in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Pervasive Technologies, as a partner of this company, did not want to miss the meeting and the event of NVIDIA GTC Europe . The company, based in Barcelona, was one of the companies selected with one of its most outstanding success stories of the past year to be exhibited at the event.

The poster explains through a computer graphic how Pervasive Technologies, together with Boira Digital, implemented Deep Learning technology to make a check out process equipped with Artificial Intelligence in the restaurants of the Nostrum chain. In this way, a real need of the establishment was solved, speeding up the payment process by means of an intelligent automatic box, capable of recognizing the products and their price. Furthermore, as it is connected to a mobile App, payment can be made directly with the Smartphone.

Pervasive Technologies is an innovative company specialized in the construction of predictive solutions using advanced systems of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. These solutions are applicable to companies in sectors such as: Retail, e-commerce, energy, manufacturing, banking and insurance, telecommunications and agriculture, among others.

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