Pervasive Technologies parte de Máster en Big Data Science

The UIC presents a new edition of its Master in Big Data Science

Pervasive Technologies parte del Máster en Big Data Science

Pervasive Technologies bets on training in Big Data Science

New times require professionals who are experts in new areas of knowledge, which are becoming more and more widespread and necessary. Among the so-called “professions of the future”, the one of Big Data Scientist should be highlighted. This is why the International University of Catalonia, in collaboration with Pervasive Technologies, is committed to training in this area, presenting a new edition of the Executive Master’s Degree in Big Data Science.

On May 3rd, we attended the 1st presentation of the Executive Master in Big Data Science at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya. During a day of round table discussions, delving into the impact of Big Data in the world of logistics, the heads of this master were responsible for explaining what will be the fundamental focus of these studies, as well as solving all the doubts of those present.

Among the speakers were: Carlos Cosials, Director of the Master; Camilo Defoin, co-founder of Deliberry; Alfonso Romagosa, former manager of Port 2000, and Ignasi Sayol, CEO and shareholder of Inprous and President of the ICIL Foundation.

The Master of Science in Big Data Science is aimed at students who intend to pursue disciplines in Big Data and Advanced Analytics, which are growing trends. During the course, which will begin in October, subjects such as Machine Learning, Data Mining and programming languages, among others, will be covered.

The aim is to train professionals capable of making decisions by working with a large volume of data, using advanced analytical techniques, both predictive and prescriptive.

The presentation of the UIC Executive Master in Big Data Science

During the session, the importance of the changes taking place in the field of logistics was very much in evidence. This field constitutes an opportunity for constant improvement thanks, precisely, to the Big Data. Automation, greater efficiency, robotization, all this implies an improvement of quality in the services thanks to a good handling of the data.

It was also noted that, for the first time, such advanced technology is within the reach of SMEs. “Entrepreneurs who do not join technology die,” predicted Ignasi Sayol during his speech, encouraging future students with phrases like: “We have an opportunity and we must take advantage of it.

Finally, the speakers highlighted as another challenge the reduction of CO2 and everything that has to do with the care of the environment in these processes, indicating that “for the planet there is no plan B”.

Pervasive Technologies is an innovative company specialized in the construction of predictive solutions using advanced systems of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. It works in collaboration with the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya in the teaching of this Master, supporting the training of high level professionals in our country. 

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