Why AI at the Edge

The Internet of Things (IoT) is progressing from simple devices feeding data to the cloud for analysis to smart devices performing sophisticated inferencing and pattern-matching themselves. Processing AI algorithms locally on a smart device in the field provides many benefits

Faster response

Minimize delay by eliminating the need to send data to the cloud for AI processing

Enhanced security

Decrease the risk of data tampering by sending less data across networks

Improved mobility

Reduce reliance on inconsistent wireless networks (i.e., dead zones, service outages) by performing AI functions locally on the mobile system

Lower communications cost

Spend less on network services by transmitting less data

Benefits of our solutions


Work with an AI Vision end-to-end solution from field to control centre. Use our application to monitor your processes.


Save time, nerves and spendings on expensive audit equipment or staff. Empower enforcement staff to monitor your processes.


Extract valuable insights from your already intsalled and new cameras, to monitor and control your processes, indoor and outdoor

Why Pervasive Technologies

for your AI Vision Operational Intelligence

Self Service

Setup our device, connect your cameras and start getting realtime insights

Plug & Play

Our products only require to be connected to the cameras and you can access the results with the realtime dashboard

Any Camera

Any IP Camera can be transformed in a source of AI Vision operational Intelligence




AI Prediction Engine

A brain-inspired networks of interconnected layers of algorithms, called neurons, performs vision-recognition solutions

Realtime Dashboard

KPIs and vualizations are automatically updated with the most current data available.


Set the criteria to identify the alerts to display. Filter to narrow the results by stage, severity, etc.

Self Train

Heureka AI prediction engine is ...

Event Management

Heureka AI prediction engine is ...


Heureka AI prediction engine is ...

Remote Management

Heureka AI prediction engine is ...

Output Optimiser

Heureka AI prediction engine is ...

Remote Monitoring

Heureka AI prediction engine is ...

Remote Support

Heureka AI prediction engine is ...

Easy Deployment

Heureka AI prediction engine is ...


Heureka AI prediction engine is ...


Lets start !


1. Define your problem and set goals.

Pervasive solution will help you automate many problems, but first, you need to narrow down the problem you want to solve and your objectives.

2.Run a free test with your available images.

Upload a set of photos or videos into Herureka cloud.

3. Heureka will show you the results

Our Industrial AI Vision will process images and bring you reports.

4. Talk to an expert for AI advise

Pervasive team will help you improve your results.

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